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To Do: " The Most"

Greetings Peeps!!

How are you??! It has been a little over a month since my last check-in and I am excited to know what's happening in your world! The past few weeks have been crazy busy with much productivity so I am glad to report that GOALS are being achieved along the way and I really hope the same has been happening for you! Today started very early 4:30am to be exact by 6am I was on a train TO Philadelphia for a 1 hr. work meeting and by 1115 am I found myself back on the train headed back to DC to prep for a flight to Orlando at 545pm .....

Someone repeat after me “THE MOST". I saw the attached picture on social media and immediately laughed because I could relate from the deep core of my being with a to do list that encompasses “THE MOST". I recall days when doing what others felt was the most would be frowned upon and the negative perception behind said term over the years. Honestly to some it's still frowned many times have you found yourself saying " OMG , he or she is doing the most" or you hear a friends schedule and say "Oh, you do too much" we have all been guilty at one point or another me included. It was funny because as I was preparing my own to do list I even looked at it with the same vibe and then it hit me. There should be no negativity associated with doing the most because those who desire and want to be the BEST have to come to a personal understanding that they will have to do MORE or the most in order to get there. I hear some of you now saying no no it doesn't take all that , your gift will make room for you and while all that is true you have also never got an A on an exam that you did NOT have to first study, prepare or WORK for. In that moment I realized that " The MOST" is a synonym for " Putting in Work" So from the 430am wake up calls, the long distance conference calls, the late night text, meetings and planning sessions it is all a part of the process to achieve my MORE and the same goes for you. Don't take your “MOST" (work) for granted every single move, trip, conversation is a pathway to your next level and don't let anyone tell you any different. I made a promise that season 37 of my life would barely resemble my past that it would require new adventures, new people and new sacrifices. That my old way of thinking would have to be renewed and shifted to accommodate the plans that GOD had shown me so vividly and like never before the moment I embraced the unapologetic intentional way of living my life began to change. The MOST does not always feel good , it does not always generate the results immediately but one things for certain and two things for sure in the end I will look back and see that I did the most with my time , talent and gifts on purpose and because of that same level of dedication and determination I will WIN and so will you!

Stop shading those that do the most and jump aboard and challenge yourself to do MORE in order to get what you really want!!! I have said it before I will say it again; the increased capacity of others by no way shape or form reduces your personal capabilities YOU DO. I challenge you to take this summer to apply the 90 day goal setting rules in your a more productive, intentional life....DO the MOST for me but more importantly be the best for YOU!!! Listen to GOD and move accordingly!!

To the mother's and wives out there running to recitals, rehearsals, schools, play dates and still keeping your house intact, maintaining your career and more I salute you because you live in an everyday state of “the most" and believe me we see you all PUTTING in the work now for a better later!! To the fathers who make sacrifices to care for their family in untraditional ways be it musicians, pastors, firefighters and artist I salute you for your hustle and bustle for the sacrifices you make by simply doing the MOST during the late nights and early mornings it is not unnoticed we see you!!! Salute!

I love each of you with my whole heart and pray that the remainder of your week will be blessed like never before!! Yes , I am tired I would rather be able to sleep in and lay by a pool or on a beach but I am so full knowing that GOD would not have it any other way during this season of my life and I am totally OK now that I understand it all and hopefully you will be to! What if I told you doing the most now GOT you more rest later too ---- would you believe me? (I’ll just leave that there)


R. Rene'



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