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Unapologetically "YOU"~

Greetings Peeps!!

I pray that each of you have had an amazing Tuesday!!! I have been taking a break on the blog as I work to re-brand the site and messaging. It's a work in progress and I totally cannot wait to reveal lots of the finished product with you all in due time. Meanwhile back at the ranch life has not been on break one bit and continues to move full speed ahead.

As I sat on the train this evening and opened my computer to do a little work I was prompted to share a quick word of encouragement to someone or maybe to a few people who need a reminder that who you are.....what you are......and who you are becoming is really OK .....I was sharing with a friend on yesterday in a random conversation about relationships that many people mess up by turning into different people in certain situations in an effort to be loved or liked forgetting to be who they were at initial meeting. Forgetting the very reason people were ever interested or intrigued in the first place. For this very reason many people start off winning and end up losing because they have failed to be their true authentic self.

You get a new job --- during the interview the company hired you based on your experience, charisma and wit. Once you start the job you become quiet, reserved and showcase none of the characteristics you displayed during interview...... and then both you and the job become boring. It's true ... you begin to dial back on your experience and ability to be a doer as to not outshine folks with tenure.... you become less talkative in meetings and rarely share your opinion in office but are quick to phone a friend .....It’s one of the most bizarre things ever. I actually share that out of experience because I remember being the same way. ... I thought about my career, friendships and other personal relationships and decided that this year was the year that I take me back and own it. That I no longer waiver with my light being too bright for others or hold back my gifts and talents for the sake of building others up. I made a decision that if any one person or two begins to feel like their capacity decreases by my increased capability that it was a SELF problem and not a CHONDA problem. I have accepted my flaws, embraced my uniqueness in the most authentic way possible and I must say I Love the woman that I was, that I am and the one that I am becoming! I want to push every man or woman reading this today to simply Find yourself and be that!!

See I always thought it was a blessing to be selfless until I realized that being selfish in some areas is what would help me in my selfless pursuits. It goes hand in hand with the notion that I can't be good to you unless I stay good to me! So I challenge all my giving folks, my selfless let me help you before I help me folks to allow yourself a little bit of selfish in an effort to keep giving like you do!

I had opportunity to attend a conference entitled "BRAVE" last week. ..Going in my expectation was simply to enjoy the getaway and take some ”me time" being educated and enlightened by the stories of everyday women who had experienced and overcome life itself in many ways. From the time I walked into the 1st session I was able to see I was at the right place for the right reasons at the right time because to be BRAVE was defined by someone else as all of what was written above..... I laugh in amazement at GOD's timing. I began writing this piece on last Monday, May 8th..... but due to travels and schedules I was not able to finish this last paragraph until today.... I know now it was all in part CONFIRMATION to my words and what I should be sharing during this season. I urge each of you now to approach this week with the eyes of your true authentic self, to let your light shine so bright that it creates a path for people around you and that you will take some time for you to fully embrace your inner gifts and go boldly with confidence to execute each one of your goals and dreams from here on out! I pray that your days of wavering are over and that today marks your new beginning. It's all about YOU, once and for all!!

With love,

R. Rene' -



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