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Memory Power ~

Greetings Peeps!

I pray that everyone is doing well on this fine Tuesday. I had a few minutes to jump on in between meetings to send a little sunshine and encouragement your way today! Today I am amazed by the power of a GOOD memory!! This week I returned to Philadelphia for a work assignment. As I exited the train and walked out of the 30th street station I realized a change in my posture……a overwhelming sense of peace and joy rushed my spirit because I was immediately reminded of a good Philadelphia memory. At the top of 2005 my healthcare career shifted into consulting. My very 1st assignment was in Philadelphia at Chestnut Hill Hospital. I was a young 24 years old and took a leap of faith by leaving my Full-time job to take what was going to be an 8 week assignment that would later change my life. I met people, I was trained and became a trainer, I was a leader of a group with much healthcare knowledge but new to consulting. I was confident on the outside but scared as heck on the inside….the what if’s always haunted me but the 8 week journey turned into a 1 year assignment that went on to aid in my successful 12 year career! This memory alone gave me the reminder I needed to walk into a room of strangers and feel great internally and externally about the challenge ahead and what I came here to do!

I share this story because someone needs a reminder or a little more fuel this morning to get something done. To stand BOLDLY in the face of adversity, to START something that looks impossible or to IGNITE the faith needed to move past a situation …. God gives us memories to both keep us humble and to also help us through when we have forgotten the power that lives inside. A good memory can shift your entire mood and essentially your life if you simply tap in! So today I encourage you to do one thing.— Tap IN and find your GOOD memory. Remember the last time you made it through a tough time, remember the last time you felt JOY if your JOY bank is low, Remember the last time you had the high energy, where were you? Who were you with?! Whatever memory it takes to build you up again and again …..Find it!! It’s powerful; it’s on purpose and it is all a part of the process of unlimited possibilities!!!

Cherishing good memories ~ This one is dedicated to the Philly Squad circa 2005 ~Great Times!

Have a great Tuesday luvs!!

R. Rene’

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