• R. Rene'

Stick to the Plan

Greetings Good People!!!!

I know it has been a few weeks since my last entry!! One of my twitter followers sent me a message over the weekend wondering why I had NOT posted a new blog. I was both excited and shocked that people still look forward to a Thought of the day, weekly inspiration or motivational moment from little ole me after all these years. It is truly amazing how a host of weekly emails to family and friends while recovering from surgery over 9 years ago eventually turned into something of this magnitude. I am forever grateful for the encouragement and support of friends and family.

I struggled with releasing my book last year for so many reasons. Was it written well enough, did I get the point across, things have changed since I wrote the first part, does it flow well? I questioned everything down to the very last sentence. I realized it was simply an excuse. Life has its way of distracting you and throwing curve balls that will get you off the original course from time to time. These detours and delays will then bring that second guess, indecisive spirit right along with them and next thing you know you are in a room full of things that attempt to put your passion and purpose on pause by shifting your position physically and mentally.

I can go on and on about business, friendships, financials and more that have changed for either good or bad reasons that can cause a shift in thoughts or life dimensions ...but I won't because you get my drift. The book release struggle is one example....your example may be death of a loved one, a break-up or a job loss whatever it is be reminded today your PLAN does not have to change just because your posture and position has shifted. A season of PAUSE is not PERMANENT.

I say it often because it's true “Everyone will NOT understand your movement" and it's OK! Your pause to some will have others labeling your walk or lack thereof based on external views...oh you’re not serious or focused enough....blah blah blah... What these people don't see is that even in your stillness you are also evolving! See what I like about a PAUSE is that though it does not always look or feel good it truly allows you to re-position yourself. The shift is necessary. People who embrace the pause and find new light and understanding before moving forward are literally my heroes and sheros! I say this because I know what type of energy it takes to turn the switch ON and OFF and ON again even after life obstacles convinces you that your plan will NOT work. Its perseverance, strength and tenacity ......these are the people who win. They fall down but they keep getting back up over and over again until they finish what they started!

Honestly, if you don't PAUSE when prompted to , that can cause permanent pain in your future! Sooo if you are in a place of delay or PAUSE I urge you to really embrace the piece of the journey as you climb your way out. Don't give up on your plans, remember your why and hold on to the promise until it manifest in your life. It's not easy, it won't always feel good but I guarantee you it will be GOOD!!!

I was reminded this weekend to stick to the plan, god's word has never returned to me or YOU void and it is NOT about to start. Re-connect with the original plan; make the necessary adjustments that fit with the EVOLVING you and move forward as if you never missed a beat.


Love y'all with my whole-heart!

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