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Wound-Care ~

Happy Monday!!!

So this past week I have to admit I probably cried more than a pregnant Beyoncé when Adele just about gave away her Grammy and her left kidney during the awards last night! If I had to put my tears into words I could contribute it to unknowns, lack of control and the complete evolution of life ...real talk these late 30's make you soft but don't get it twisted.....I'm still a tad bit gangster, I’m from Flint, MI. ( wink) Nonetheless, I pray that even amidst very indifferent times across our nation and for many families and friends that you can find some encouragement in today's post.

As many of you know I’m a healthcare professional by day and have been for many years. I always knew that I would either be a doctor, nurse, lab scientist something that would contribute to patient care and helping people get free from sickness and disease. I am grateful I get to do just that in a very nontraditional way! About a week ago I found myself personally in a very minor medical situation due to a small finger cut... It began to bleed out and all I could think was to APPLY a little pressure because it would not only stop the bleeding but assist with helping the wound heal a bit sooner. So for a few minutes I applied pressure, I got the bleeding to stop, it was still a bit sore but before I covered it up I knew I had to go a step further and clean the wound a bit to prevent infection or additional bacteria from the towel or things used to apply pressure to get into the wound and make it worse. Good People...... this is the same methodology that should be applied in your day to day life when the pressure is on be it from outside sources or self-controlled during times of heavy bleeding (pain, hurt, turmoil, disappointment and discouragement) occurs. I pretty much live in my small circle/bubble of life it’s fun, its adventurous , it's full of excitement for the most part but I have to admit life has thrown me years of curve balls and had I NOT knew the basics to care for my wounds I wouldn't be here to tell you the stories! I know you are not a doctor or clinician but I am here to remind you of the essentials that can not only save you in the future but help you save someone else too!

The pressure and uncertainty that you are currently experiencing is necessary in order for you to heal. No bleeding cuts or scars have ever stopped without a little applied pressure ...... meaning the pressure was intentional or on purpose so that the bleeding could stop! After the pressure has been applied the wound may be a little sore , you still see it and it's a bit tender or hurtful to touch ( or talk about) this is where the cleaning process comes in. Many times we jump from pressure straight to cover up expecting the wound to heal without acknowledging or taking the necessary steps to clean it out and then bandage it and keep doing so until it’s totally healed. You can't heal what you conceal!

Don’t take my word for it! – Courtesy of WebMD for my internet Doctors out there!

How to Stop a Wound from Bleeding

  • Stop Bleeding. Apply direct pressure on the cut or wound with a clean cloth, tissue, or piece of gauze until bleeding stops. ... ( Pressure is on purpose)

  • Clean Cut or Wound. Gently clean with soap and warm water. ... ( Clean it , Be Gentle )

  • Protect the Wound. Apply antibiotic cream to reduce risk of infection and cover with a sterile bandage. .. ( Protect It)

  • When to call a Doctor – ( too much for you to handle, call on the one who gives you the power to do exceedingly and above all that you can ever ask --- GOD)

See what I love about the cleaning phase is it gives the wound air to breath and you time to ensure everything around it is sterilized , removed and bacteria free. It's like the creating of an infection, disease free zone (the removing of things that could possibly harm the wound or make it worse). This is why your response to pressure and a time of bleeding and pain should be treated medically like a real wound because in some instances it is. There are people and things that have hurt us, we have salted the wound and forgotten to bring it back to its regular state of being and it has caused us to take a longer time to heal. Unlike a paper cut that is sharp, short and heals itself some of us have cuts and wounds that have never been addressed and now you find yourself on a roller-coaster of depression wondering how you got here. The honest answer is you failed to clean it up, you pushed away the pressure allowed it to keep bleeding and threw a bandage on it expecting it to go away. Breaking News ----- it isn’t going anywhere until you treat it with the proper care!! So if there are still some scars, bruises and they only bleed from time to time go ahead and start applying the pressure , clean the external and internal areas get stitches if you need to and when that's all done ....stick a Band-Aid on it and wait for the healing to take place! The Band-Aid will fall off, get old and dirty during everyday task, you will have to look at the wound from time to time and get a NEW bandage every so often but the blessing in it all is its HEALING!

I don't have to go through a list of wounds, pressures or things happening in your life YOU understand whole-heartedly what's needed and the message behind it all! Let's continue to make 17 Epic by handling the life we have been given with the utmost care.

Love ya always,


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