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Bonus Post- Well Wednesday!

Sometimes in life you cross paths with people who remind you of your past , shake-up your present and prepare you for your future. I was talking to a friend last night about the power of staying present that's when it all clicked. J- Will this one is for you.

Remember when you started your day in grade school you would have to make it to homeroom to say those famous words " Present" or " Here" in order to be accounted for the entire day! If you did not make homeroom you were marked absent. You could literally show up at 2nd or 3rd period and though you were present for that class, on file you were already marked absent .

I have to admit , I've approached a few key life situations absent before it even started the past year!

Many times in life our frustrations or turmoil come from functioning too much on the past or looking too far into the future. We become blinded by our goals and aspirations, experience much fatigue from all the running away from yesterday that we miss the opportunity to have a good present day. We show up but we show up late and absent before it even begins.

Rather than starting off tired & frustrated from Tuesday or too focused on Friday. I challenge you to simply take each day as it comes remembering that each moment , each hour and each experience deserves a "present you".

Whenever you get ahead of yourself or too caught up on yesterday just yell " PRESENT" LOL people may look at you strange today but this will keep you where you need to be!!

Make today the best Hump Day ever!!



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