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Reserved Seating~

Greetings Good People and Happy Monday!!!!

How are you? Where are you? What's Happening this 12th day of December 2016. Time sure does fly when you are having fun right?! It seems as if all of my blog entries the past few months have started in true surprise and awe of just how fast the year has went. This time of year brings about many different emotions for people. For some there is a sense of sadness, others are full of joy and excitement and then there is a corner of people anxious to see what's next, be it good or bad because the year has been just that unpredictable for their families. A mixed bag of emotions all around. This morning I found myself reflecting on 2016 and preparing for 2017 simultaneously. While doing so I realized something truly significant about my former approaches and personal planning and I must admit there has been many times where I missed the mark. I make plans and as the date, time, plans get closer I have completely lost track of the commitment or committed to something else at the same time. It gets crazy yet I still get it done, don't ever ask me how (lol) because I will have no answers. I think I just work better under pressure (wink). Now that approach works with small plans but huge plans like my book release, firm launch, sitting for certifications, degrees, etc. I seem to get distracted , discouraged or find myself planning and preparing and then pausing due to other commitments. This is when I miss the mark!! Can a few of you stand with me in transparency to say that though obviously capable you don't always finish YOUR plans in the time frame allotted due to your own challenges with planning or lack thereof? Ever noticed that when it's to help or do things for other people you get it done but when it comes to your own plans you tend to ' take your time". You know that's what we call it (lol); I have to admit that this revelation was both funny and sad all in one. Funny because it's true and sad because it’s true and it's time out. (I’m going somewhere promise).

As I looked at what's to come over the course of the next few weeks and most importantly the next 19 days I realized that there are some things on the table that require reservations! When you are preparing a night out on the town, dinner with family or friends and you want to go somewhere nice with the correct ambiance to get the full experience you search high and low for a location, you contact the restaurant in advance, and you send invites and RESERVE space to accommodate all parties involved. As the day approaches you ensure that the final head-count is firm, you send a reminder and on the day of said reservation there is no question of where, when or what time because everything was pre-planned and reserved (Planning & Preparation). This friend is the approach that needs to be used at your planning table in order for the things you have planned for your life to manifest!!! Reserve some space and a seat for the things that are important to you and your future. Reservations should be necessary when you are serious about what you want in all aspects of life! Now let me be clear there are some things that will happen in an unexpected way but for those things that you have control over and you are firm about completing place a reserve sign on it and leave it there! It's a table for 1 or 2 depending your status and on that day if for some reason no one shows up it will only be because you failed to keep your commitment to self because you and or your spouse, business partner or family were the only ones invited to get this thing done on the specific date or time. What I realize is life doesn't have to be as deep as many of us make it. Plans don't need a bunch of hoopla or fanfare when you are serious about what you are doing! Yes, plans fall through and things happen but when plans change do yourself a solid and simply change the Plan! This is why I love reservations....No lines, they know you're coming, a table awaits! It's flexible, you can change the number in your party in advance and sometimes at the last minute but you are covered and it's confirmed. No excuses, No gimmicks all the while being prepared because it was all reserved in advance.

I get excited even thinking about the reservations that have been made on my behalf by GOD even without my notice because little do we know he is using the same approach in his planning process too. Some people are wondering why they feel distant from people or things during this season ( your quiet time was reserved) others are wondering how did I get this blessing or experiencing things I did not see coming; Guess what this time was reserved too for such things and you deserve it! The WAIT you are experiencing is because your TIME has been reserved and on that day you will be amazed at how things unfold. No matter where you are in life or how you are feeling as this year comes to a close be reminded that as you make plans and focus on the new year to come that you have the right to reserve some time for you and your hearts desires. Be bold, be creative, be free and get things done in 2017 you owe it to yourself.

Are we making some reservations or what?!

Sooo ready to share with you all in 2017!!! I am excited that I have finally faced my fears head on and committed myself to making personal reservations at my planning table to achieve and finally accomplish all the things my heart has so graciously desired. Your support, push and encouragement since 2008 has been nothing short of amazing and I am proud to call each of you family!! From the weekly Thought of the days in 2008 to a website in 2014 to a book in 2017. I finally understand why I had to WAIT! It was all relevant and necessary!!

My setbacks were on purpose, my losses were really gains and my lack of focus was fuel. Let yours do the same!

Love you all with my whole-heart,

R. Rene'

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