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How will you Finish?

Greetings Good People!!

I hope this finds each of you in good cheer this wonderful Tuesday morning! The past few weeks have been so full of unexpected blessings and opportunities that I still have yet to be able to completely put it into words. There is only 53 days left in 2016.....can you believe that?? 53!! I found myself remembering where I was Nov 8, 2015 and what I was doing Jan 1, 2016 (Brazil) and it amazed me how much was accomplished during that small window on my journey. I remember following that small voice that said “FINISH STRONG” even though in the beginning I did NOT know what my STRONG would be. In what area would I go hard or go home, could I do it in all areas in this small window of time, was I being too ambitious. Quickly, I was reminded that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me so I got in personal formation and knocked 2015 out like never before. Last year I dealt with a major loss in my family and to no end this year was 3 xs as challenging but the one thing that never changed was my commitment to a strong finish. No matter how hurt I become due to any of the loss, deaths, unexpected blows or how anxious I get internally from being overwhelmed by life commitment to finish strong never changes and neither does the promise tied to my committed obedience. I want to pose the question today for many of you and simply ask are you interested in finishing strong or committed??

On my walk back from the gym a few days ago, I realized that there is a big difference between being interested and being committed to something. Being interested is a cool thought, which means hey I could do that, I would do that if given the opportunity but being committed means you are all in and will do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal at hand! Commitment brings results and today my friends if you want to see all that you desired for 2016 take place these final days of the year you have to get committed. I stopped waiting for new years to make a commitment to resolve things a few years ago because I realized that we all had the power to start a new year , new life and or new things at any given time as long as there was breath in our bodies. So every day I was blessed to wake up was a new year or new opportunity to live my best life and to accomplish my plans or goals. During that time I committed myself to finishing strong daily but most importantly at the close of each year.

What does finish strong really mean? I'm glad you asked. Finishing strong means despite any and everything that I (you) have encountered throughout the year; the delays and obstacles that temporarily paralyzed your plans or the ability to get things done be your fuel to finish as much as you can before the close of the current year. That means you look in the mirror before Jan 1 and say Happy NEW YEAR and go hard as if you never had a delay. It's a hard reset that takes place and you commit yourself and your thoughts all over again to get every lingering miscellaneous thing left on that list complete or at least in motion. I cannot tell you how many times I personally felt depleted due to my own lack of commitment or the fatigue of my interest when things did not go as planned this year in a few areas. We have all heard those thoughts, you know ...

Too much time has passed....

It's too late......

I don't have enough $$....

I don't have the time....

I missed my opportunity....

Nobody will support me....

It won't work .....blah ...blah...blah ..

Finish Strong answers those thoughts with a “SAYS WHO" .... and forces you to remember there is nothing that you cannot do. The biggest challenge is starting, once you begin.....commit to the finish. I hear the excuses already as you read even now attempting to get you to believe that things cannot SHIFT in 53 days. I'm here to remind you that it takes 21 days to break or start a habit per American Psychological Association if 21 days is all it takes to break a habit or create a new routine you have at least 2 times left this year to START again and FINISH! Take the mind of a runner in a race to the finish line, in longer races they conserve energy the whole race by going at a slower pace than other runners during the earlier laps, as the race continues they speed up a little more ....still not using all that they have but there's something that burst in the inside of them during that last lap of the race. With the finish line in direct view, they begin to use everything left within to push them to complete with a STRONG FINISH and essentially win the race!!! People are often shocked at who wins the race because they had eyes on the ones whose pace put them in the lead early , it's always the one right in the middle , coasting , looking as if odds are against them that PUSH through in the end . No one will ever mention that the winner was not in the game at the top of the race all the headlines will focus on the runner’s ability to finish STRONG!

Are you willing to commit to a strong finish the next 53 days?? Is there something that has been lingering all year and you just want to get started or get it done ...if so I challenge you to go from couch to 5k immediately and finish this race stronger than ever. You still have time! Believe the promise, trust your gut, ask for help and use what's left inside of you as fuel to finish! You got this, be encouraged!

Love ya,

R. Rene'

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