• R. Rene' Woodard

You GET what You Give~ Eventually!

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As many of you know I’ve worked in healthcare consulting for roughly 11 years or more now. In my early years I spent some time doing electronic medical record software implementation. When we would go into hospitals to train physicians on the functions of the new system we would always inform them that the system can only be as GOOD or BAD as the information you put in. They would ask can I get a list of medications for every patient …I would reply “as long as it’s in the system, you can get it out”. When people complained about not having something or reports coming out inaccurate I would always remind them that the system can only put out what was put in so if the reports are wrong that means the right information was not entered. Ever been mean to someone and in return they are mean to you?? How about yelled at someone and in return they yell at you? See the pattern yet? Many of us are yet to get GOOD in because we have failed to PUT GOOD out. If I have learned one sufficient thing in life is that there is power in doing GOOD! I know there will be some reading this that doubt I know there will be some reading that have doubts and probably believe it to be false but only because you may have found yourself putting GOOD out and still coming up short. It is important to realize that GOOD may not necessarily come back in the form in which you expect it to. It may not be from the people, place or thing you initially put it in or pulled it out of. It becomes lethal to your character when you find your good doing affected by the hidden expectations of the recipients of said good act or deed. It does NOT always work that way.

Like any other seed as long as it’s planted in the atmosphere it will eventually return to you somehow, someway. Take a young woman who works out 2-4 times per week for example, she eats healthy, drinks a gallon of water per day and for 4 weeks or more and is shredding weight and becoming healthier and its noticeable. She is getting a good return on her good investment. On the contrary her friend is working out 1x per week, drinks and eats whatever she wants and not shedding any weight .She is discouraged and upset. The truth of the matter is she cannot expect the same result because she is NOT investing as much as her friends so her return is slightly lower. Does that mean she should NOT put GOOD into her efforts any longer? No it just means she needs to re-evaluate or assess her expectations of the return. We have to stop putting out BAD in certain areas of life and expecting GOOD in return. Sometimes you may think you are putting in GOOD and you may be falling short because it was NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I’m just being honest. I recently had to check myself using this same concept in a situation where my response to something yielded a bad result. For about a week I was convinced that the response I received in return was not warranted and confused as to how my good intent would give me this bad outcome. All I was focused on is what I had received in return for my GOOD and it at times made me feel as if my doing GOOD was in vain. I was quickly reminded that I cannot measure my receipt of GOOD by the GOOD I put out but I can measure it by my ability to keep putting out GOOD no matter what the initial return. . Where you sow your GOOD is just as important, who you let sow “GOOD” into you is important also. Like the electronic medical record if all that is being put in to you is negativity, doubt and uncertainty then that is all you will put out! Whatever you reap you will one day sow and I’d rather sow good and reap GOOD in return so that the report on my character remains accurate!

I challenge you today to examine yourself and ask the question…..What am I putting into the atmosphere? Is it positive? Negative? Is it hindering my relationships or career? If the answer is less than ideal, fix it and watch your life begin to change like never before!

Love ya-

R. Rene’

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