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Greetings Peeps!!!

Consider this an unfiltered, midday reminder…..

It’s really time to take Gratitude to the next level. Every now and then I get caught up in my day to day routine or my calendar in general and I find myself moving at a rapid paces and so engulfed with life that I may not say show my gratitude as much as I should. Today, I had the opportunity to shadow a physician in an orthopedic clinic. I witnessed persons ranging age 18-70 being seen by the doctors for both minor and major bone issues and torn ligaments. I found myself whispering THANK YOU for my ability to stand on my own two feet without pain or pressure in high heels for more than 2-3 hours, I could not help but to say THANK YOU for being able to carry a bag on my shoulder and have free range of motion using my arms and legs or being able to sit and stand on my own with no pain. As if that was not enough there was a patient that had been advised to have surgery when given the instructions he said “I don’t have any family or friends” in this area because I recently relocated here from another state. His condition was urgent and we were prompted to connect him with Home Health and other resources that could possibly help post- surgery as he recovers. In that moment I realized that there is NOTHING like having family, friends and just a GOOD circle of people that will HELP you in time of need rather good or bad! This man stressed that he had absolutely nobody that could help him. I was immediately chastened in my spirit and full of emotion because so many days I personally feel alone on my journey and I was reminded that unlike some people like this patient I was given a myriad of beautiful people I call family, sisters, brothers and friends that look out for me even when I think otherwise. Rather you realize it or not so do you!

I want to encourage someone today to simply, elevate your sense of gratitude. Everything is not perfect, it may look vastly different from what you expected but be grateful knowing that you are NOT alone in anything you do. The people around you may not understand – I get it, They may not run to your rescue as quick as you desire --- I get it , They may not have your back the way you have your back --- I GET IT but one things remains true ….THEY GOT YOU and you should be grateful for that! We spend too much time complaining about things we truly have no control over. We focus more on the timetables associated with our schedule than the purpose of our schedules and that’s a problem. We have to do better when it comes to HELPING, SERVING and being appreciative for those sent to HELP US and those we were called to HELP in return once and for all.

I also realize I am not always as nice to the people close to me when I should be ….Now don’t get me wrong I treat everyone well and with respect and I am pretty nice overall but I am aware that I sometimes can be guilty of carrying a hidden sense of entitlement when it comes to family and friends close to me and the minute they don’t respond or react to a situation in the manner I would prefer them to, I tend to silently discredit their ability to help at all. Can you be honest and say you’re guilty too?? (PSA: “I’ll just do it myself” folks) We have to stop…many times the people around you are doing the best they can and their way is not your way but that does not mean you should be any less grateful! I am saying all this today so that we can take THANK YOU to the next level, so that you will begin to see your life and situations that arise as NOTHING compared to the next person because it could honestly be worse!! Life is too short to focus on the bad so let’s be grateful for what’s good!

People are losing lives, homes, freedom, jobs, children and more ……we must stop sweating the small stuff! I can only say this because I HAVE sweated the small stuff before….because I spent days ungrateful yet I was living.

I challenge you to apologize if there’s someone you need to apologize to…..I challenge you to say THANK YOU, I challenge you to let the people around you know that you are APPRECIATIVE of them just because! Sometimes you think they know but they have no idea. Change that Today!

Love ya,

R. Rene’

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