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3 Key Principles to WINNING!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

I cannot for the life of me believe its MAY 5th already! I am sure by now you are tired of me starting each blog off with this day check but I am just in aww at how rapid TIME is going!! If the lord so ever sees fit I will embark upon a new year of my own in 22 days and the thought of that brings me so much joy and gratitude as well! I am just grateful today to be able to share with you all!

Life has been full of some amazing things!! My entire friend circle is in WINNING mode and I could not be more excited about this TIME in our lives! I mean new homes, new babies, new cars, new husbands, new degrees, new jobs to the point we can't go a day without celebrating and it is such a joy to be a part of! As I sat back and reflected on it all I realized that each of these folks myself included had something very necessary in common that contributed to our current WINS..... WE believed that we COULD WIN ! Essentially, we figured out how to WIN the right way!!! Day in and day out I scroll social media when I am awaiting a plane , bored or have a few moments in the day to break up the monotony of the day and I see some smiling faces , some people winning on all fronts and then there are others who aren’t too happy with what’s happening in their lives. At one point I wanted to simply unfriend or scroll pass some of the negativity because I honestly just couldn’t understand how some people could display such misery or discontentment for life when they were so blessed to still have one. To my surprise in my readings some of these folks were people I was personally very close to at some point. (Nugget: I know each and every one of my Facebook and IG friends, not too many strangers allowed #beintentional) But instead of deleting or unfriending them I decided to allow them access that could potentially set them up to love more and lack less simply by sharing small pieces of my life, blogs, inspirational thoughts and those around me with them. There is power in your posts! So be careful how you use it!

Let’s me share this story with you! A few months ago I went forth after almost 10 years and purchased a new car. For years I would talk about it, go look, test drive and something inside of me just would not let me buy during the time. Unsure if it were related to fear or belief that I deserved it, I would return home each time content with the new car I purchased December 2006 and carry on with life. In my mind the car was still good, it road like a champ, it looked to par and was still serving its purpose. But as things in my life began to shift my desire for BIGGER, BETTER, MORE increased. I started researching cars and for all who know me , I fell in love with AUDI for about 5 years I would search the market looking for deals- I did not like the price so I would look at other luxury cars too. ( No, I didn't get the Audi) Recently, I was going through old emails and came across a 2012 email to my best friend and my mom with a picture of a car that I thought was pretty sharp. The caption simply read “I should get this” listen closely here this was in the year 2012. (I had 0 memory of this until a week ago) Fast forward to 2016; ask me what car I currently own??? The same car that was in the 2012 email that I did not even remember I sent but a newer version, same color and everything!! I am sharing this to get you to understand that it starts with a desire and a belief on the inside that you can have exactly what you want and be exactly who you want to be!!! This goes for both tangilble materials and intangibles in your life! The desire ignited my Belief; my belief caused me to SPEAK like a winner

“I should get it” and that alone forced me to change some things and link with some folks who were where I was trying to go and this my friends PREPARED me for my WIN ( I am screaming writing this) This is how you WIN the RIGHT way!!! I did not think about how long it took because that was all apart of the process on purpose and had I WON prematurely I would not be the person I am today! Some WINS come by way of MATURITY but that's another subject! Whatever you desire starts with your BELIEF and ends with your PREPARATION for such a thing! There are so many things you don’t have because you my friend have used the wrong strategy on your quest to WIN! You failed to believe, you don’t speak like a winner and you are NOT even prepared to receive the things attached to WINNING. Will everything be perfect on your quest HECK No! But will it be worth it HECK YEAH! I am living witness of what living a selfless life can yield! I use to think I could NOT WIN like others because I was called to HELP , but GOD promised me that he would never leave me nor forsake me and that a HARVEST would be the response to my HELPING! So I am reminded weekly too NEVER grow weary in well-doing!! So that’s what I want you to be reminded today, YOU are WORTH it! I know there are days you want to simply let folks have it and NOT help , I get it , I feel the same way but if you simply OBEY , TRUST and BELIEVE you will come out on the WINNING side the right way!!

3 Key Principles:

  1. Believe you can WIN- Change your Mindset

  2. Speak like a WINNER – There is power in your words and what you say about your position. SPEAK your WIN!

  3. Position yourself to WIN – This may mean making some critical changes in the way you do things currently- Ask yourself, how do I spend my money and how do I spend my time?? These things have a major impact on your Position. Be mindful!

We can ALL WIN BIG and WIN right if you simply model these key principles!

Now do me a favor, GO WIN and HELP someone else WIN along the way!

I WANT YOU TO WIN, There is room for us all!!


With Love,

R. Rene’


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