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It's going to COST you something!

Happy Tuesday Peeps!

Listen it's been a full 30+ days since I last wrote on the site and I have to admit I MISS YOU ALL and hopefully you missed me too! As me and my TEAM are working to re-brand my site and my life brand overall I have reconsidered and believe I should still continuously share weekly nuggets! So many times when we are in a season of restoration or under construction per se we tend to bring the things that HELP to a HALT. While doing so may help you the PAUSE itself can hurt or paralyze your audience, listeners and framily. So while I am writing the book I will still blog, as I build my brand I will still blog and no matter how I feel about the progress during the process I will blog! Not today's message but for anyone who has PAUSED to build, DON'T STOP what may be HELPING someone else! This Journey is really NOT about us so it is your responsibility to KEEP going amidst the revamp. #imjustthemessenger

Now on to today's thoughts! :)

A random moment of clarity:

So I was looking over my To-do list today and the first order of business was to get GAS in my car. Well I always have to remind myself that my new car takes “Premium" gas so that will determine where I begin because I want the best priced premium around town. It was in this thought that GOD blessed me with this ..." It's going to cost you more no matter where you GO” because anything that's going to LAST you will essentially COST you something! I immediately said now, why you gotta get me with the gas G, I'm just planning my day. He said I just want you to know that ANY and EVERYTHING that you desire or place on that list is going to COST YOU!! I don't know who this is for today or who else this will bless but do know that the COST may seem larger than life, the sacrifice is huge but if you believe and trust GOD in even the little things the COST will be PRICELESS when placed next to the longevity that " thing", " GAS", " desire", “Items on your LIST" ( you know what list) will Carry!!!!

This little moment blessed me today and I hope you can find a blessing in that as well! PAY the COST now and REAP later! You know the situation more than I, so be clear in your dealings to ensure that your SPENDING is NOT in VAIN!!! ( You will catch that later)

Quality matters, don't just fill up on anything or you will find yourself on E repeatedly because you were too cheap or afraid to SPEND a little more on what would last you longer!!!

Be blessed on this terrific TUESDAY knowing that you are worth more than the bargain, Premium is well worth it!!!!

Love you all with my whole-heart!!!

R. Rene'

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" To whom much is GIVEN, much is also REQUIRED"

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