• R. Rene' Woodard


Greetings Peeps!!

I pray that this message finds each of you in great cheer on this amazing afternoon. I had a few moments and wanted to share some encouragement to someone who may need a reminder like I did today! For the past 3 months there have been 3 long, wide yet heavy if I might add pieces of wood in my living room left over from some construction. For those that know me you understand what this being in my living room did to my nerves (I am a bit OCD in some areas, lol). Within those months my travel schedule, in/out nature had caused the removal of these pieces to be placed on the back burner. I had several male friends offer to come help me but again the scheduling simply would defeat me every time. So today I made a decision that I would personally carry the wood down 40 steps and out back behind my building to the dumpsters no matter what! I prepared myself mentally, physically 80% sure it was possible now there was nothing left but to do it! I grabbed the first piece and immediately thought to myself "that's not too bad" , I came back up grabbed the 2nd piece just a little bit tougher than before but still I am making it happen and during my 3rd round I came and grabbed the biggest piece and it was extremely heavy. I thought twice about leaving it for another day or calling someone over to assist but there was something on the inside of me that would NOT allow me to ruin my momentum. This sudden infusion of strength allowed me to do something I did NOT think was possible to do on my own! Yes it took me longer, it was easy in the beginning and got tougher as I got closer to completion but the heavier it was the STRONGER I became on the inside and it helped me get the Job Done! I want you to know there is some SILENT STRENGTH on the inside of you ready to be put to work!! Despite what things may look like or the things you have convinced yourself you can't do; it's possible! At first I was like that's deep just over some pieces of wood but I realized immediately the analogy itself applies to life and the lemons you encounter on a daily! Things get heavy, they break and they linger for months without you doing a thing because you don't feel like you can! It's a lie ...You Can! What situation is surrounding you like the wood in my living room??

It's Time to face it and you have the STRENGTH to do so!

  • Prepare yourself Mentally by changing the way you see the challenge ahead!

  • Physically understand that some things may look BIGGER than what you can handle but those things don't have the same POWER as you!

  • Don't lose your momentum, once you START you cannot STOP until it's all done!

Sometimes we wait around for help with things that we can do ourselves if we simply realized our very own strength!

Never FORGET how STRONG you really are!

"I have what I need to carry the load" - R. Rene'


Have a great afternoon!



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