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Beyond the Lights~

Greetings Peeps!!

WE made it! 31 days in 2016, we are rolling full speed ahead into this thing! I have to admit the first month of 2016 was kind of surreal! I came off that amazing end to 2015 and began 2016 in the best emotional & spiritual health ever in my adult years I kind of felt like I've been floating! I was full, ready and moving toward every goal. My fridge is still currently laced with post it notes as reminders of what's next on the to-do-list daily (yes, even ME has a pink post it on her fridge) that’s probably funny for those who know my house rules lol! The more I glance over at the list sometimes it looks like too much to get done in such a short time ...but I must admit there is so much Victory in crossing things off the list! In these moments I feel good knowing that each line represents me being closer to the finish line! So for those of you struggling with finishing anything at all start making to do list and make them visible to you around your home, in your car etc. and DO not remove them until you complete it! It really works!!

If you have been reading my blogs at any time or TOTD emails over the past 7 years then you should know that last paragraph was a nugget and had absolutely nothing to do with today's share. New readers sorry, it just happens sometimes. Real quick I wanted to share a revelation I had this week while watching the movie ”Beyond the Lights" with Nate Parker. If you have yet to watch it I encourage you to Go on Netflix, HULU or Redbox and see this movie. In one of my insomniac moments I took the opportunity to finally watch this film and immediately fell in love!

There was a time in the movie where a young lady was amidst the time of her life being a sexy, celebrity pop star at one point in her career things became extremely overwhelming and she wanted to end her life ....not because the fame had become too much but more because no one really heard her or saw her beyond the symbol she had become on the big screen. Her image through the lens of others was tainted and they did not SEE her. How many of us are walking around here in the lights and no one can really SEE YOU! There is so much power in VISION! WHAT YOU SEE is NOT always WHAT YOU GET we all know that! It takes capacity to be able to truly SEE a person, place or thing for what it is! Creative People tend to have Great Vision they can take a piece of old wood and refurbish it to look like an expensive masterpiece all because they knew what it could be or what it really was beyond the bruises and broken pieces. The wood was always beautiful but only certain people had the EYE to see what it really was worth! There are so many people around us or inside of us dying to be SEEN and today's thought of the day is for you! WHO ever you are beyond the lights I encourage you to JUST BE! You do NOT have to convince anyone around you, family included that YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE! It will take people with CAPACITY to be able to SEE you the way you desire to be SEEN! And don't get it twisted this is not for those who wish to be SEEN for the wrong reasons! This message is for those who wish to be SEEN beyond the surface for who they really are down to the core when no one is watching!

CAPACITY is ROOM, VOLUME, MAGNITUDE, some people don't know you because they don't have room on their hard drive or SPACE in their lives to know you and unfortunately those aren't the people you want in your circle! There was an article a few years ago about surface friendships! IF you call a person a FRIEND and they don't know you when you’re down, know you when you’re struggling and when you’re on top or the capacity in which they know you is limited to Happy Hour, a few birthday parties and text messages is it safe to say those are NOT your friends? I found myself explaining to someone recently that I was more than what they see and honestly I thought they didn't get it and in that moment I had a revelation that sometimes it’s not even their fault if they cannot SEE YOU, or if you think they can't SEE YOU it's your fault! How do you see yourself??? What do you show them? Are you too hiding within the light so they can't see BEYOND because you’re afraid they won't like the real you? I was immediately convicted because this person had the capacity to SEE me but I was limiting what I would ALLOW them to see! IT's TIME OUT! Get to a place where everything about you is GOOD ENOUGH TO SHARE BEYOND THE LIGHTS! and if for some reason you find yourself uncomfortable with that it's time for a character check!

No more hiding your talents for the sake of fear no more waiting for a creative person to come clean up your bumps and bruises when your CREATOR has already made you OVER! I SEE YOU! Like really SEE U.... That's what he's saying to US! ”I SEE YOU”, I see you because I MADE YOU! and guess what OTHERS SEE you too rather you know it or not!


Love you all with my whole-heart,

R. Rene'

“My Vision has POWER"

#BeFree #SEEME

Single MEN/WOMEN: If he/she cannot SEE YOU, dont force it wait for the one who does!!! Parents: Acknowledge your children's efforts and remind them GOOD or BAD I SEE YOU!!! Friends: STOP the False FRIENDSHIPS - Remind your real friends that it's ok to JUST BE!

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