• R.Rene'

PAST DUE Notice~

Greetings Luvs!

I am praying that each of you started this year off SUPER STRONG and FOCUSED on the clean slate blessing in which we all have been given in the form of more LIFE on this earth. I am forever grateful knowing that as long as I have breath and the activity of my limbs that I have OPPORTUNITY and so do you!

As I began to reflect on the past 20 days of 2016 I found myself going through at least 1 million emotions. I was HAPPY, SAD, SICK, COLD, HOT, GRATEFUL, MAD, CONFUSED, MOTIVATED and FULL of l JOY all at the same time. Your probably saying HOW so? Well I came off the plane from one of my most amazing trips to date to lots of family illness which was followed by an unexpected death and a traumatic discovery in the middle of the funeral celebration. Pressing through the latter and flipping my switch from supporter to mourner, to patient now to mentor not even 24 hours later would you too agree this was A LOT! No matter what happen I kept my game face on I prayed when I walked , I prayed when I drove, I prayed when I sat , I prayed when I stood and I know that my prayers were keeping me at PEACE during the PAIN of the PRESENT situation. I flew across states; I rarely slept and then after doing what one would call a good deed my car was side-swiped during a hit and run not too much damage but violation was felt within. After all of this still no additional tears, just a few sighs, a scream and some quiet time and I still KEPT praying! By Tuesday mornings my prayers became louder, my voice stronger, my words bolder and I remembered the power I had to challenge GOD to do what he PROMISED me he would do! In that moment I was reminded that no matter what we go through or experience it is all a part of the payment process toward our future and for the first time in a long while I went to god with a PAST DUE NOTICE IN HAND with BIG BOLD LETTERS that said COLLECTION NOTICE!

If the prayers of the righteous availed much then I am ready for my MUCH because it is PAST DUE and my PAST paid my DUES! So anything that I currently go through or experience is nothing compared to all I have endured in the PAST and now I am EXPECTING my return! I want to encourage someone today not to view the PAST DUE BILL or ACCOUNT as a negative situation you’re PAST paid your dues and soon and very soon you will reap your PAST DUE BLESSING! I know you are blaming yourself for being in the situation, not saving enough or having enough rainy day funds or budgeting as required. GOD knows your true heart desires and he will bless you according to such! If you declared you will do better in 2016 with your finances, your emotions, your ATTITUDE or anything know he heard you and so did everything and everyone around you so beware it sometimes piles on heavy before it gets better! I have 0 clue why I am saying any of this today because it definitely was not in the cards for this blog but for whomever needed to hear it GOD BLESS YOU and now you start sending some COLLECTION NOTICES on your own behalf and get what is promised to you! MY PAST paid my DUES and I AM Here to Collect on MY PAST DUE BLESSINGS! Scream it, See it and BELIEVE IT!

Your life will never be the same, that’s what he told me and I believe whatever GOD gives to one that his capacity is big enough to bless us all! Your ATTITUDE in your mountain situation will be the thing that can either help you or heal you! CHOOSE WISELY!!!!

Live Strong!

Love you all,


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