• R. Rene' Woodard

Dear 2015.....

Dear 2015,

I remember when it all first started the night before your arrival I sat with friend’s teary -eyed 3rd row of an early new year’s church service at First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Maryland listening to the message of restoration while being paged and emailed from my job as if a fire was taking place on NYE. As the message proceeded it began to hit home in so many areas of my life I immediately began to look at you 2015 as my clean slate , my fresh start and the thought of your purity gave me hope that I could do anything I wanted and repair ( restore) my future once you arrived. You were to be one of my best years ....but what made you different than the year before in reality? I went to the same church service, I was with the same people in the same city preparing to do the same thing....What would make my results in 2015 better than the year before? That's the question I never asked myself when we met, I just knew in my heart that your arrival would change my life and you know what... IT DID in ways I never imagined. What do u remember?

I will never forget the day trips to both Chicago and New York with interviews for C- Suite and Director level roles as a reminder of my worth but not enough to move me from career hell! I will never forget May 27, 2015 the day I was privileged to turn 35 years old, a milestone birthday for me all while the constant sounds of " Forever Young" played in my mental jukebox, the number of folks who came to celebrate me during a mid-week mixer really made a lady feel loved. The week I received multiple new job offers from two elite healthcare organizations and how I can I forget July 13th the day I finally left the stressful gig mentioned before and oh I will never forget July 17th speaking to my Aunt mid-afternoon to her then losing her battle with cancer suddenly the morning of July 18, 2015. I will never forget the days of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, #BeMADAbby, Ferguson, Missouri and more! There are just some things I will never forget.....and neither will you!

I appreciate the lessons learned and the peace and joy that came along with living my most authentic life year. I appreciate my mother's love and the relationship recently restored with my father. I appreciate the positive energy of my friends near and far. I appreciate the doors that closed and the ability to see beyond any delay, denial or obstacle that was sent my way in 2015. I appreciate the HONESTY of 2015 and the HOPEFUL spirit it has given me for a successful 2016. What appreciation did u gain in 2015?

I am grateful for God's grace, mercy and the undeserving favor shown many times in 2015 when I presented imperfect. I am grateful for the activity of my limbs in 2015 even the days where they were less than 100% mobile. I am grateful for a LIFE without limits! 2015 forced me to release worry and move in faith to a limitless lifestyle. I am forever grateful for unconditional LOVE.

I love you for RESTORING me.....and never allowing me to look like what I been through in prior years!

After all said appreciation, amazing memories, love and gratefulness I would lack life transparency if I don't at least ask that you forgive me for the days I did not show you the above in real time and that I also let you know that I forgive you too for the days that our motives & minds did not see heart to heart! NO matter what happened from Jan- Dec here we sit, STILL STANDING, STILL STRONG preparing to give me away to another year, another journey with pages to fill ... WE MADE IT and for that I CELEBRATE YOU!

What would your letter to 2015 sound like???

Before the clock strikes 12AM I encourage each of you to reflect on your life and find the appreciation, the love, the lessons and the joy in all things good or bad that happened to you!

Deal with it, release it and LET GO!!! It cannot repeat itself unless u allow it!

I changed the way my year was ending to prepare for NEW traditions and beginnings in my future..... YOU must do something different to GET a different RESULT! I beg you to make the change that will drive your next 12 months into your true hearts desires!


(Excuse any Typos, LIVE from BRAZIL #freedom)

R. Rene'

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