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Be Intentional~

In 14 days we will embark upon a NEW YEAR.....14 days!!! (Inserts scream) At the end of November I made a declaration of Strength and personally challenged each of you to finish this year the STRONG? Are you still pushing toward that mark or did you give up? I'm just curious because if I know since the day that was declared there has been many moments where I WANTED TO throw my 2015 goal list down the drain if they had not come to pass like immediately! If you have ever exercised your FAITH for anything at all you know that moments like this are happen often during “The WAIT" or " THE PROCESS". If you are still waiting for anything off your list to happen I am here to remind you that It's not over just yet! The countdown starts now!!!

Framily!!! It's been roughly a month since I shared with you all and I did not want another 30 days to pass without me at least checking in and spreading some LOVE and Joy your way this 17th day of December. I toyed with several different subjects for this share, The wait, The countdown, 14 days and counting, Prepare Yourself all of that and then it hit me a combination of all those things carry the same message ....a message of Intent or Purpose so today I want to push you my friends to Be Intentional!!

Many are preparing for Christmas, birthdays and vacations and in doing so they are checking things off list, cleaning houses and closets to make room and contacting the right resources to ensure all things take place with ease and excellence. The same key elements its takes to prepare for the holiday/travel season are the same key elements in living in a very intentional way! I have a friend who is one of the best jewelry creators in all of Chicago and her motto since we met has always been “Stay Ready" ....." So you don't have to GET ready".

When I think about all of the things on my 2015 to do list I immediately realized that there were some things on the list that I had not quite prepared myself for. Here I am making a list, checking it twice insisting that it was a need, want or desire and I had not yet taken the time to prepare for it! (That’s going to bless someone) So during this moment of 90 days left of the year I had to shift into preparation mode. Preparation mode looks slightly different for many people, it really all depends on what you are PREPARING FOR! The way one person would prepare for an upcoming acting gig or play is not the same preparation tactics one would use if they are preparing for a new baby or wedding! For me the preparation meant I had to sit some things out one time or another in order to save additional funds to help with the cost of my expectation. It also shifted my circles a bit , not only did I have to join forces with likeminded individuals and people who believed in my vision I had to get connected to those who could help and support if ever needed without them even knowing my vision. For some this means you got to GET NEW FRIENDS! In some cases it meant that I had to stay quiet while others spoke and not get too engaged in the projects of others to make time for my own. (Let that bless u because this alone is hard for us selfless folks) It meant I had to learn to be a bit more selfish in my dealings so that I too could win along with the folks I had been helping win for quite some time! I am saying all of this to say that it’s not too late to get prepared for the thing you believed for in 15! IF you spend the remainder of this day or week to prepare and begin taking baby steps on purpose towards the people, places and things left on your list I promise you it will take your FAITH to another level and rather it hits on Dec 31st or Jan 1 you will rejoice knowing that you worked toward it and you were ready to receive it! It can still happen!

I was not kidding when I declared a strong finish and here I sit today still believing GOD for such!!! I fell ill over a week and half ago. Ill enough to ask for prayer of friends and family, to end up at an Emergency room, a few specialist and physicians with no answers. I prayed diligently for days LORD HELP ME! Because at this point if I cannot Walk, I cannot MOVE ....and that thing became extremely symbolic and almost caused me to believe that my inability to move physically was going to damper my ability to finish strong in 15. WHY Now? I have 10 more pounds to lose before the 31st but I can't walk? Which meant no work-out, no swimming, etc ... The pain would then persist and cause me to want to sleep and not type or write? It was in this moment of despair that I realized the enemy was out to challenge my declaration of STRENGTH by taking mine! So what did I do? I took the meds, I still went to a Monday Night Football game and cheered for the team at hand, I followed suit to as many plans as I could until I simply couldn't move. I prayed more than talked and I prepared! 5 days later I was feeling my best and moved forward outside the house, walking with a mean limp but better! It was in the moment with limited mobility that I realized I had to be very intentional from that point on with every move I made because there was no way I wanted to feel the way I did 5 days prior. So each move was ON purpose! It is very unfortunate when GOD has to get our attention in this manner but I thank GOD that he cared enough to save me from me and force me to get back on track to intentional living!

I want to encourage each of you this week to BE INTENTIONAL with your MOVES and your dealings. STOP being apart and playing the part and be mindful of what sets you apart! Your destiny, your goals and finishing strong is so worth FIGHTING FOR! The fight to feel better struck a reminder in me that anything worth having is worth fighting for! You want good health - FIGHT For it, you want a higher education FIGHT FOR it, Marriage in trouble but you want it, make the changes and FIGHT FOR IT!!! My pastor's son aka my periscope BFF Joshua Jenkins ( @stagekingj) does quick periscope videos ,sharing lessons and encouragement he did one last week entitled" Fight Right" just reminding us that sometimes we try and fight battles and things in our lives the wrong way! You can't fight the enemy’s attacks with your own mind and hands you have to fight with the WORD and everything that god has placed inside of you! SO while fighting make sure you are doing so the right way!

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, [a] against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6: 12

Don't lose on purpose, U have all the tools needed to WIN and FINSIH STRONG, BE Intentional!


R. Rene'



"I am stronger TODAY than I was yesterday" - R. Rene'

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