• R. Rene' Woodard


Happy Monday!!!

Inhale....Exhale...Breath Deep......Clear your mind and Get on UP! Tired yes, sleepy a little but Grateful for life in itself today when the world is so full of chaos and turmoil. I rarely watch the news but after the events across our nation the past few days you can't help but dial in for a bit to see what's really going on! Kenya, Paris, Missouri and even in my own backyard... it would behoove us all to simply PRAY!

My encouragement for you all this week is driven by LIFE and LOVE!!! Love is the carrier trait for me in all things. I pride myself on being intentional about my dealings and my every move as of late. I have learned the true essence of LOVING without limits. Loving life despite challenges, loving me despite flaws and loving others without hesitation. This is a skilled I learned whole-heartedly over time after many heartbreaks, and disappointment. This is not the LOVE that is only set aside for spouses, parents, friends and family. This is the LOVE that lives in your heart, mind and soul that moves you when you physically don't want to move. Ever been there? Wonder why you do certain things for people or go places all while asking yourself how did I get here or in this? LOVE took you there because LOVE has no fear and LOVE has no limits! If you had your own way you likely would be somewhere else doing something else. It's an unexplainable since of being that sometimes confuses you. Today I want to encourage someone who feels as if the LOVE they have has an expiration date or has lost its momentum in their life in some way, shape or form! LOVE is still alive and well and it is waiting on you to STOP boxing it up! You can't live a full life with love in a box my friends. You have to share it; you have to allow it to take you places you have been afraid to go!

Stop loving with conditions.... I'll do it if..... Lord if you give me I won't..... Well if he or she helps me first.....STOP IT! Once and for all are waiting for a return on something you have yet to give! YOU have placed a MAXIMUM LIMIT REACHED on something in your life that was meant to be LIMITLESS!! This week I challenge you to go into your LOVE account and CHANGE the settings, remove the daily withdrawal limits and try LOVE with no limits for the remainder of this year and see how life changes! There are things that you have not touched cause u didn't think u LOVED it enough ( LOL), words you have yet to speak even in prayer about your desires because you were convinced NO one cared or LOVED you enough to support and help you... STOP thinking and START LOVING, your life will change! I promise you!

Someone showed me recently how to love without limits and they don't even know it, lol-just when I thought the love was gone I was reminded it really never left I had personally placed limits on it! My eyes were open to a new reality the moment I chose LOVE over FEAR and started my limitless living and so can you!

Mary J Blige was on to something......Don't you know NO love LOVE without LIMIT! So was Israel Houghton NO limits, NO boundaries I see Increase all around me!


When asked to define LOVE know the answer (GOD IS LOVE)

Have a great week!

R. Rene'

“I chose love over fear"

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