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Growing Pains?

Happy Monday Good People!!!

For weeks now I have been writing, editing and drafting some good vibes to send your way and right in the middle of transferring my writings to the PC I get distracted and then another week goes by with no post, no update and no movement. Last week I ended up with literally 5 partially transferred blog post in draft mode that’s' 5 weeks or more of good vibes. SO today 10/26 charge my distracted mind for not getting your weekly inspiration and be my guest moving forward to hold me accountable when you don't get your Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Thursday fix! LOL. I need that extra reminder from time to time so please help me!

The past few weeks I have been experiencing a mountain of GROWING pains! Being stretched far and wide on so many levels. From the things I am great at all the way down to the things I am not so good at. It's been quite interesting to say the least because while I am experiencing my own sense of growing pains I also started to see the GROWING pains, pleasures and pressures of others around me as well. I asked myself several times is it a full moon? Is the energy in the universe off or on? Or is it simply the growth that comes with age, preference and season transitions! I never really correlated moods to seasons until most recent days. When it is hot and sunny we are full of life, energy and wellbeing. When the dreary, rainy and slightly chilly days come we tend to get a bit COLD ourselves. It's like what's HOT on the inside of us suddenly goes COLD too. l believe this happens because we have yet to master how to control our emotions through transition. When fall comes we look at it as if life is going to be different and like no more fun, no more reason to smile just focus and quite honestly see ya next summer! I actually chuckled because many people think that way and it is so far from the truth! When experiencing growing pains, pressures or pleasures you have to remember that the foundation of who or what you are never changes and when the season changes the foundation too remains the same.

A few weeks ago while speaking to my forever girlfriends during a weekend getaway I used the example of a Tree to describe GROWTH. Trees are so symbolic of emotions, seasons, transitions and maturity in so many ways. Something so natural and somewhat scientific can help you see your life in a whole new light! There are many things about the tree that represent even the crazy feeling above. The tree is planted, it grows big and strong when it is nurtured and cared for properly. The base of the Tree never changes that base represents the foundation of your life. As the tree grows it starts to develop branches which represent values, characteristics, desires, gifts, etc. once those branches are exposed to the SUN ( life), little leaves begin to develop some much fuller than others which represent all the stuff that each of your branches have begun to attach itself to, relationships, people, hobbies and desires. During certain seasons things happen that are sometimes beyond our control and the weather (emotions, seasons) start to affect our ability to grow and produce sometimes leaves begin to change colors and fall off (things that were once a good idea are no longer a good idea, people that use to be fun are no longer fun, your desire changes) but things happen not to hurt you or harm you but to GROW YOU and protect you!

After some research of my theory I realized that many trees shed leaves as a strategy to survive harsh weather conditions some trees shed more than others to preserve energy and water. This too is fact for you and me! So many times the leaves that fall are our protection for the season that has yet to commence! It is symbolic to our growth, strength and ability to change, do different things and remain humble and grateful in the process. I could go on about the various types of trees and meanings from evergreens, tamaracks to deciduous but I'll leave that to the experts because by now you get my drift and understand the correlation.

As you encounter these life moments that may cause some uncertainty, fear, loss and change be mindful that it is all to make you a better version of you for the future! Don't let the season dictate your mood, don't get upset or prove COLD when the sun is being preserved and conserved on the inside of you no matter how it feels outdoors. You have the power to watch your growth in a happy place or let it because you pain that it does not have to in a sad place!

When I realized the direction of my GROWTH I began to feel better and embrace it all with open arms! I told several things Goodbye and many others hey, what's up, HELLOO! Ready for whatever comes my way in all areas! The key is to be OK with the growth! When you want to Go BIG you have to GROW BIG so settle down, be anxious for nothing and watch it all work out!

Keep Growing!!!!

Have a blessed week!

Love ya,

R. Rene'

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