• R. Rene' Woodard

Do it for LIFE not LIKES!

Happy Monday!!

Last night I found myself a tad bit torn between insomnia, spiritual high and downright restless. I was excited and overjoyed from an evening experience at church but I also was restless and could not seem to get my mind to settle long enough to rest. I looked up it was Midnight, the lights were on, my mobile devices were in bed with me and my television was muted in the background. like many of you I took my restless moment to Facebook, twitter, periscope and Instagram....I'll scroll until I can't scroll anymore you know see if there is something interesting on the horizon....A new Meme or quote, a funny video something to fill this crazy space until I fall asleep. ..As I did this I realized a few things ...1. Pics with a lot of likes get moved to the “Popular" Page 2. If your page is not private anyone can take your pic, quote, screenshot your activity without your notice and 3. Last but not least there are so many waist training products, skinny tea pills, weave whole-sales, fancy cars, big houses and BIG MOUTHS! No diss I like these platforms but honestly are we the people are so engulfed in this madness that we are posting for LIKES rather than LIFE! It actually made me go back and look at what I have shared over the past few months just to ensure I was indeed still in line with what SOCIAL MEDIA platforms were made for. It is not to make you famous but supposedly to connect you with likeminded resources, family, friends and tell a story through pictures and media.....I really took to IG (Instagram because it was all about the pictures and not necessarily a selfie! Pictures say a million things it’s an art that speaks for itself but some people have taken this thing a bit too far!

As a child it was about the coolest shoe or jacket, what sport you played as a TEEN or Young Adult what high school or college do you attend now it’s about how many online friends you have and how many likes you get per post! I have a public service announcement for the masses ....STOP DOING IT FOR LIKES and START doing it for LIFE! Make it REAL! If you post a Large Home on a lake, or a Lala & Carmelo photo make it a goal! Back it up with a plan to achieve it, and I better see the hashtag #goals LOL. Let the pictures push you towards your purpose not your POPULARITY especially if you have NOT paid for it! (Porsche, Maserati rentals, houses on lease and other persons' pools) #quoteme.

You can spend so much time drooling and dancing off the success of others that YOU sink into stinking thinking because your life does not reflect that at which others portray! People always say you’re so private, you share what you want etc. ...and quite frankly you all should too! I move in silence and there are a few things I want the world to know, to inspire to do and be and to shift so yes I share quotes, crew love, fun and real-life success of others and giving back to the community in a nutshell! It is not my desire to use the platforms to move to the popular page unless it’s in a positive light that will push others to STOP living such limited lives and do something different! #moveinsilence

I am a young vibrant black woman from Flint, MI. People smirk, laugh and fall -back when they hear that because of how the news portrays the area as the Murder Capital...Is it currently dangerous? For some yes, for me as a child and growing up - NO! And the same concept goes to how you use your Platform and how you engage your audience! If you are in business - your page should be saturated with marketing, business tools and current events...if your page is simply personable and to share pieces of your life....CHOOSE wisely especially if your privacy settings are off ! I would hate for you to walk past a real-life copy of yourself and your identity!

Be mindful that everything is NOT for everybody and sometimes you lack the likes because you are the light and everybody won't GET IT! After my night of scrolling and a brief convo with my college age mentee I felt the need to remind all my peeps Put on for your life NOT likes! The FADS will one day end and you won't know where to BEGIN if you don’t take control now!

It was Black Planet, Myspace, College Board, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now periscope! I am choosing to use this as a SET UP not a SET back because my life isn’t any reality shows its actually REAL! Make a pledge to you, your family, and your relationships to continue to push for purpose in all areas! Be social but don't be the SOCIAL! (Some of you will grab that later)

All in Love,

R. Rene'

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