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Prayer Still Works!

Hey Framily!!! ( Friends + Family = Framily)

Happy Sunday! I hope that this messages finds each of you in great spirits. I found myself with a moment to write before church and what I have learned recently is to do things in real time when possible. If you cross my mind and I cannot call right away, I text Hi, thinking of you etc. , if I see a resource that can help someone in my camp I take a picture, write the name of the business down or any info I can, I send it when I am stationary. So many times during the hustle and bustle of life we tend to get selfish in our dealings. Running the day with good intentions at heart but because we are so caught up in our stuff we make 0 time to reach out to others or share things that can help someone else in a timely manner! But you all know me by now and none of that has anything to do with today's blog but I know someone else needed that REAL time message! :)

Today I want to pose a question ....Are you really Praying? When People ask you to pray for them are you doing it at all? sometimes the better question is How do you pray!? Aloud, in -silence, before bed, first thing in the morning, when driving, when walking and exercising? Honestly no way is a bad way I am really just curious to know are you praying? During a 4-5 day vacation just me and my girlfriend ( My mother , lol) away from the noise , no electronics, no day planner and busy agenda I realized that the days seemed to go a lot slower and it was actually nice to just be present! My mom will probably get me later for sharing this but her presence inspired me in so many ways! She's a little lady with lots of strength and a truly humble heart. It was her first All-Inclusive experience and first time Mexico so I am sure I get the daughter of the year award lol I watched her daily but there was one thing that stood out in both the US and Mexico, there was one thing she did every day at the same time in the same stance! She simply prayed! During previous visits I guess I never paid it much attention but she prayed the old fashion way! The way your parents taught you when you were young. She gets on her knees, crosses her hands and bows her head and spends a few minutes each night before bed in prayer. I personally don't do that I pray as I walk to the bed, I pray as my head hits the pillows , when I am in the car , if I forget I pray in the shower, while I am walking etc. and while all that is great there is a Piece ( Peace) that comes with Bowing and Kneeling. It’s a sign of surrender! IT's truly giving whatever that prayer is and whomever the prayer was for truly handing it over! Some people say well I don't pray like that cause I don't know what to say....or its uncomfortable ....real praying should be uncomfortable! Whenever you are taking your issues and problems to the lord in prayer it is uncomfortable if you are being real and transparent and opening your true self up it won't be a comfortable position! Most of us don't fall on our knees because were busy ......but I am a firm believer if we go back to what we were once taught any and everything you NEED and desire can come to you and get through you in prayer!!! Even if you bow down in silence and simply listen! The lord speaks to us when we STOP TALKING! Some of you are saying, I do kneel and pray...but do you stay down there after your prayer to HEAR god's answer! REAL Prayer still works!!!

Post vacation I committed myself to finding my personal strength in power of praying and praying more on days I have no words , I listen because maybe earlier that day or week I prayed and rushed away before GOD could speak ....Don’t think your prayers are being heard??? Go back to GOD with his prayer for us all.... Remind him of the promises! The lord’s prayer covers Forgiveness, Wrongdoings, evil, lust, lack of faith, deliverance and more You have the words right there ..

Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven. Give ME this day MY daily bread. And forgive ME MY trespasses, As I forgive them that trespass against me. And lead me not into temptation, But deliver me from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen.

I pray that this will even help those that don't pray, start praying! There is so much POWER and STRENGTH in Praying. I've watched my mom overcome a many of challenges in a short time through prayer and I know some of those kneeling and bowing over the years was for me directly! If you don't even feel comfortable kneeling and bowing for yourself do it for someone else....Get uncomfortable, Be open, Surrender and get into the posture that will produce a perfect path to those things that you have been promised!!!

We are not always going to make great decisions but GOD sees our heart and will bless us anyway!

I'm praying with you!!!

Be blessed this day and always!!!

Let's level up and EVOLve together!


“For the prayers of the righteous availeth much"

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