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A Focused Fall~

Hiiii Framily!!!

As summer is swiftly coming to a close I just want to encourage you all to get into the spirit of a FOCUSED FALL! Like many times when things start to come to an end we get down and out....we dread the cooler nights, the early sunsets and the lack of energy that the season change can sometimes bring. I want all of us to rebuke the lack luster spirit that comes in after the sun sets. Let's Learn to embrace what's next, appreciate what was and focus on what's present for when it’s all said and done ...what would life be without season changes anyway!? There are some seasons I hate to see coming but others that I cannot wait to welcome with open arms.

Summer was such a blast and the memories that came along with it I will cherish for years to come. ....but summer had some hard days too.I lost an Aunt , the one that actually named me Rochonda and I have to admit that hurt for so many reasons.I lost this Aunt exactly 4 days after my last day at my job in middle of summer graduate school. (You heard correctly, I put in my letter of resignation in the heep of life-when enough is enough you make moves ** message!) So my summer season was crazy to say the least! At the same time I was disappointed, unsure yet still GRATEFUL! I had 2 amazing job offers, a few weeks to spend with family and friends but still some level of disappointment , but WHY? I had everything I needed but life was just different. So many times we get caught up in the madness of what has happened that we fail to embrace what is happening. My family was changing, my future was changing, and my focus was changing!

So with that same energy and motivation - I am bringing to you a similar message Fall into fall FOCUSED!!! Focused, on what you may say? Focused on the things that matter! I know I know I know your saying ....everything matters but honestly not all of it does! Between social media platforms, cell phones, meetings and overcommitting are you really FOCUSED? Focusing on what matters requires that you do a self-reality check ...WHO AM I TO ME? WHO AM I TO GOD? What has he purposed me to do? Am I doing it? Am I spending time with my loved ones? Am I helping others? Am I living? So the fall challenge is to take heed to the things that matter once and for all ....I know many want to say MONEY RULES the WORLD but contrary to that statement LOVE rules the WORLD! LOVING YOU and those closest to you can yield u things that money can't buy! What will you FOCUS on this FALL!?

Time essentially waits for no man or woman (It has no gender, lol) and if you are not careful you will wake up goal-less with a life filled with regret, it’s really never too late to re-focus people! Don't let the season change and you stay the same , follow suit. If there are some things in your life that have been begging for your attention and you have continuously placed it on the back burner or the to-do-list that you never finish ...STOP and make that a priority. I am encouraged as of late to simply LIVE and LIVE WELL....and what that looks like to me is being whole spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. I had to adopt new habits, gain some new running buddies and create a new routine in order to be prepared for the season change and so should you!

As you go into the weekend begin to RESET yourself! DO SOMETHING TODAY that will benefit your TOMORROW! Don't fall into fall without the SUN (SON= LOVE).Get rebooted and focused on the things that matter to you! Who cares what anyone else thinks! The life u have in front of you is YOURS it was gift given to you and it is your responsibility to do something with it! Some people say GO Hard or GO HOME , I say GROW Hard or GO HOME...if you aren't growing you can't be focused! I can go on forever but you get the point!

A FOCUSED fall will prevent a Failing Future!

Love you all with my whole-heart!

R. Rene'

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