• R. Rene' Woodard

Be Fruitful!


Greetings family!

I pray that you are having a great day! If for nothing less you are ALIVE and it is FOOTBALL season so Thursdays just got a bit better for everyone! J I say it often but I will say it again TIME WAITS for no man – It is August 20, 2015, only 4 months left in this year and I still have a few things left on my 2015 bucket list so it’s a must I take advantage of these days and you should too!

In the spirit of the 4 months left in 2nd quarter 2015, I want to encourage someone to be FRUITFUL! During my morning moment with GOD a song came on Pandora by Vashawn Mitchell entitled Be Fruitful. I listened the first time then I proceeded about 15 minutes later to go find the song on you tube and take a second listen…. During the 2nd listen I heard the message very CLEAR… Tell my PEOPLE to be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY. I listened a 3rd time and I said well Lord when the pastors preach about fruit and the lord multiplying back in the day they would pair the context with married folks and babies and adding more kids and the building of the kingdom so how shall I tell my peeps Be fruitful and multiply if they are single? Unmarried? Or simply beyond that point and in different seasons of life and that’s when it hit me Being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLYING simply means PRODUCE SOMETHING, ADD SOMETHING to the KINGDOM rather through the birth of a thing or sowing of a seed. Still not convinced I went to my bible and opened it up and here came the good book of Matthew and boom in Matthew 13: 24 GOD confirmed this Birth/Sow Effect with words that read “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field”. Wonder where I am going with this? It’s quite simple just like a man & woman anticipating the birth of a baby there is some fruit on the inside of you that needs to come out!! This is how you add to the kingdom with your gifts, talents and deeds. Sowing does not always mean money you can sow your happy spirit, sow your personal testimony to save a kid or person who may be in similar situations there is so much to Be birthed from each of you reading this and I am here to tell you that because you KNOW you have the fruit it is time to sow it! Obedience is key in an effort to rebuild the kingdom and truly see GOD multiply your life and those around you!

Some of us are stifling the growth of others because we are not fruitful at heart! (Hello Selfish folks!) I realized many moons ago that 85% of what I do as much as I want to believe it is all for me IT IS NOT even about me!! It is all for the process of building the kingdom and while doing so my personal growth and gain is just an added bonus to my obedient act. It is not always pretty, it does not always feel good but when I look over all I have done to assist and help others along the way by the sowing of the fruit seeds inside of me I can truly say that I am blessed beyond measure as a result of it. I am not a gardener by far but I know in order to be fruitful u not only have to sow but you have to water and cultivate what you sow in order for it to grow to its full potential. It’s simply time to be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY family! No more holding back or sitting idle. Grocery stores sell fruit all year round. The fruit comes from Florida, California, Mexico, South Carolina and more. Fruit comes in various shapes, sizes and colors and no matter where it comes from it is well sought after and the same goes for you! No matter the season, the location, the color or creed you have the product and it will sell! (Message)

BE FRUITFUL, BE FRUITFUL, BE FRUITFUL that’s all I hear so I am challenging you all this week to PRODUCE, GIVE BACK, water the dream, sow success and watch your SEED! In no time the fruits of your labor will multiply like never before!

Love you all with my whole-heart!

R. Rene’


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