• R. Rene' Woodard

Got Decisions?

Unsure? Unclear? Lost? Confused? Perplexed? Bewildered? Overthinking? Pretty much the norm for emotions and feelings experienced when making major decisions... so I want to ensure someone reading this in advance ....YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Greetings Peeps!

I hope that this message finds each of you in good spirits and if not that once you finish reading this you will feel a sudden sense of PEACE with whatever life decision, obstacle or turmoil you are currently facing. Each day begins with a decision... A decision to live...A decision to die....A decision to go to work....A decision to stay in bed. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions and quite honestly it gets overwhelming sometimes wouldn't you agree?

Over the past 30 days I have made some decisions that may or may not be the right decision but the biggest accomplishment in it all was my ability to MAKE a decision. We all experience some level of anxiety or nervousness when making decisions be it good or bad but in the end not making a decision is NOT an option. I've said it in previous post and I will say it once more for those who may have missed it “Successful People are Decisive". Obama could not lead our nation without the ability to make decisions, Jesus couldn't live out his full potential without making a decision, taking some risk and expecting great outcomes. Good Leaders, Good Followers, Good Workers make decisions. We have to truly lose the “Undecided” approach to so many significant life moves. Freshman year of college it’s understandable, 10-15 years out of undergrad not so much! (Remember I am just a messenger) That piece stung me a bit as well so I get it. But I think it only stings because it is a reminder that we have had so many opportunities to make decisions for self that we failed to make for the sake of not listening to our own voice and relying on the voice of others. It is time to start exercising your own freedom of speech, voice, opinion, preference and make the best decision for you during this said life season. It is no longer a requirement to do all that your parents want you to do….. (shout out to all the lawyers, doctors, police officers, engineers that are really artist at heart, no shade just facts), Time –out for not knowing what you want for dinner when asked by your partner/husband/wife/friend if you want Thai food say Thai food, if you prefer fish over chicken don’t let me see you miserable in bon chon and your dang near vegan lol….You get the point, make a decision and be ok with it! For the sake of clarity its ok to be flexible when making decisions but don’t flex yourself out of a decision without notice by not making one and dealing with the consequence of the decision unhappily. I realized most recently that most of my sleepless nights, anxious feelings or nervousness was at an all-time high when I was in the INDECISIVE mode.. then I started thinking back to my dating days where I could never tell the guy where I was interested in going because I was unsure if they liked those same places….go figure…it was when I realized that you find out more in dating, life, employment and more when you are willing to be open and decisive about what it is you want and when you want it.

So ask me if I have the decision making problem now? Well…in some areas sometimes others NOT at ALL, lol but hey I told you above you are not alone! :)

Got DECISIONS?? -Here are 3 healthy decision making tips I have adopted!

“Don’t Base your Decisions on the advice of those who Do NOT have to deal with the results”

  • DO NOT LET OTHERS DECIDE FOR YOU – Suggestions and Recommendations are welcome but only you know what’s right for you during this season of your life. Consult GOD and GOD alone! No one else is responsible for your happiness but you!

“You are the CEO of your life start making Executive Decisions Today- Stephen Luke”

  • MAKE ONE- If something requires a decision to be made, stop WAVERING, make one. Nothing can be done without your approval or denial. When you do NOT make a decision you remain in the same place and you can easily get stuck if you are NOT careful. If it’s a MOVE- weigh the benefits and assess the opportunity- School to go or not? If you even considered it there is something inside you that says try it, I say do it if it’s a YOU benefit. To stay or leave- If you are questioning why you should Stay (Leave) and vice versa.

“Don’t make a permanent decision on a temporary emotion”

  • OWN IT - Once you make a decision OWN it! Your decision won’t please everyone become OK with that and expect great outcomes overall. If for some reason you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again! I’d rather decide and go for something than stand still for nothing! Be Smart about it!

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever “

My prayer today as we go into the weekend is simple, Lord Give my family and friends the ability to be decisive in their moves, to open ears to hear and hearts to respond to the small still voice inside of them that is waiting to release them into their Next Level. Wipe away all tears and cancel all doubt and fear as they begin to make choices for themselves once and for all. Guide them down your ordered path and assure them that even if they get off track you are there to guide them the rest of the way back in JESUS name




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