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Fill Me Up!

( Singing ) If you provide the fire I'll provide the sacrifice......repeat.....Fill me Up.....Fill me Up....Fill me up....Fill me up....I want more .... As I sat and listened to Casey J 's song Fill me up on yesterday I began to really let the words rest inside of me and I stayed there for a minute..and that's when it hit me. When your cup is empty or when all you can see in your natural eye is the residue of what previously filled your cup its time for some cleaning and restoration to take place but it will not happen until you ask for said replenishment!

Greetings Family!!!

I can't say I am all the way back just yet but I can say I am back with a share today that is guaranteed to bless somebody! Since May my life has been a whirlwind of emotions , activities, people, places and things both good things and bad things and I highlight that because we tend to forget that bad things sometimes happen to good people and the reverse good people do bad things but let me stay on track :). I really want to continue the revelation share above because I believe it’s relevant to the inner voice of many. What I concluded from my moment in

meditation yesterday is that there are truly some things in life we want and desire that simply won't happen unless there is some SACRIFICE. We (you) can no longer afford to be afraid to do the necessary in order for the extraordinary to occur. I write today with a heavy, slightly overwhelmed heart because for the first time in a long time I felt EMPTY. Many ask but how? Why? When you are FULL of so much life etc ... I respond with my personal definition of EMPTY because I finally released “me" from "me". No more crazy schedules to please the world, no more allowing others to impose unrealistic expectations on me or me holding any on myself, no more urgent responses to non-urgent situations and time, no self-doubt, no more of doing what I don’t want to do in all areas. I know it sounds strange but I guarantee you if you think about everything you have planned to do in your mind today or tomorrow only 10% of it has anything to do with you directly. (Some of you will digest that sooner than others, lol) But on everything it is much deeper than even all that I mention here. GOD has so many great things for us all in our RIGHT NOW season but he has nowhere to put them because you (we) have been too consumed with other stuff. He is simply waiting on the sacrifice an empty cup (you) whom is ready to be replenished.

Unfortunately, this means we have to POUR out the old stuff. Consider a cup of milk you drank earlier today you finished your last sip and sat it in the sink. That same Milk cup still had small amounts of residue on the bottom and along the sides when you come back to the sink after a few hours you notice the white marks around the glass and before it can be used again it has to be completely empty and washed clean or else it’s not good for anything other than MILK and even then it won’t taste fresh. Are you tired of life as usual? Need a new idea or life perspective? New Friends? Then empty yourself! I don’t know what your EMPTY will consist of or what it looks like for you but I do know I heard GOD loud and clear It’s NOW or NEVER! This life was given for a purpose and if you have yet to find it it’s time. Stop Apologizing for who you are or attempting to be what everyone else wants you to be , Stop questioning GOD’s way and follow his lead I promise what he fills the cup with will quench your life thirst a tad bit longer than the stuff you currently drinking! (I’m just a messengerJ) And let's be clear just like the milk glass there will be a constant cleaning and replenishing taking place at various times in your life but it is your responsibility to handle your cup with care..everybody can't drink from it or of it, even the hired help is a concern, the key is you have the ability to hand wash the cup over and over again so that it can be good to use for other things! Keep this as a reminder, your personal power is relevant don't ever forget it.

My challenge for each of you going into the weekend is simple ask GOD to show you what sacrifice is necessary of you to be restored again. Some of you have lost the fire and you want it back but your cup has been sitting a bit long and you are out of SOS pads lol. Surrender and allow GOD to scrub you clean and bring the FIRE that will IGNITE your life journey in a way like never before…Don’t make a sacrifice only for a way of return make a sacrifice cause you truly want MORE otherwise stay the same and get the same results …It’s that simple!

Full Perspective+Full Purpose =Full Cup (YOU) #boom

Love Y’all,


“Seek the lord while he may be found and he will prove himself to you”

PS. I really should have titled this Empty or nah! But Ill save that for my teen TOTD :)

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