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Me: I want you to WIN!

Friend: I want to WIN!

( Few months later*) Me: Congrats on graduation homie, "Your'e such a WINNER!"

Friend: Thanks lady, I want you to WIN!

Me: I want me to WIN too!

Friends and Family! This is an example of the type of conversations WINNERS hold. I have a friend that I don't talk to daily or even weekly but when we do it’s filled with laughs, encouragement and more laughs. Our love -hate friendship is so simply because he is a graduate of “The Ohio State University" and if you know anything at all about the Midwest, MI vs. OHIO ...side eye** the fight is real lol! But the best part of our friendship is the push to WIN and SUCCEED in all areas of life that we share in common. You cannot call everyone a friend the same way, all those who don't know you cannot be considered enemies. We have to be very careful with our associations and the circles we choose to play in! You may not realize it but as Adults like children we have play dates too! Each Friday, Saturday, Sunday and some Tuesdays of course the group of folks you link with at dinner, happy-hour or concert can easily be looked at like a “play date". If you are a parent of children of any age you know the importance of a play date and also the downfall to some play dates or encounters when your children our connected to others. Keeping that concept in mind our Adult play dates have the ability to both HELP and HURT our progress and growth pending who we go out and play with!

You have to find a way to connect the substantial life dots with your play dates. They are fun and we look forward to seeing them however, many of you can say there are some groups or play dates that you cannot attend all of the time because of what " habits" or " activities" take place? Follow me for a second here; play dates are designed to help you GROW, to help you learn how to play well with others, to monitor listening skills and mobility (movement). Parents normally monitor how many of each type of play date their children have per day, per week or per month because they want to ensure they BALANCE the activities not to move the child too fast in one direction and not to delay them in another. This same concept is true to those of Adult play dates! Your circles matter! Who you are playing with matters! When you are surrounded by people who are just like you ....are you growing? When you are surrounded by people full speed ahead of you do you feel depleted or behind or are you using these moments as learning opportunities to get up and run when you can't walk yet ? When you are the leader do you lead the date or pack and help others in the circle when they fall short? The strength of your circle matters! Are you all winning? Are you trying to win? Do you have the WINNING attitude? DO you encourage each other to WIN or are you selfishly focused on a self-win!?

I love my circles because we are all winners in our own right and even when we feel lost or like we're losing we WIN because we have each other ...speaking things that are not as if they were! Because we laugh and pray through the pain when we play and most importantly because we understand that winning is not a place defined it’s an internal mentality adopted! (You will get that a little later)

So Real quick I want to bless you with the 5 things needed to establish a Winner's mentality!

  • Speak like a winner-(Even when I am sick, I speak WELLNESS- What are you saying to you?)

  • Be Decisive- Winner's know what they want (Put your time and energy in what you want not what others want for you and share it!)

  • Be Present - Leave the past where it is, every NOW moment counts

  • Surround yourself with people who share the Winning Spirit- You’re a movement by yourself but a FORCE when your together! They make you better!

  • Help Others WIN-You can't do this if you’re selfish, understand that your WIN may look different and helping someone else WIN makes you an even BIGGER WINNER!

I asked GOD a long time ago to position me for GREATNESS but do so with other people who despite life's challenges still have the appetite to be the best people they can be. This is just a quick reminder for those who feel like they are not winning or cannot seem to WIN!! You can WIN when you make the choice to WIN!

It's a mindset not a place!

Love you all with my whole-heart,

R. Rene'


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