• R. Rene Woodard

" Just Be"

Wayyyyy Up I feel blessed lol.....I really cannot shake this feeling! Despite all of the things happening around me I am still= very excited and full of energy for the ability to see 35 years of life on this earth! In one word “Grateful" explains it all!!

Between celebrations, NBA finals, summer time fun with friends, I had the opportunity to sit and take things in and the only thing I could come up with was Blessed... What a blessing it is to be Loved and celebrated by people who have known me for years or for a very little time! I prayed months ago about the people I was connected to, motives that existed and the purpose of every move/encounter and I must say GOD showed out when he put many of you in my life so to everyone reading this I say THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE TO ME!

I want to spend a few minutes talking about the joy that comes with being different. It was not until recently that I realized that I'm just different. People use to say that to me and I would think it was a bad thing and almost get upset...Like what do you mean? I'm just me... A friend of mine said exactly, and many people are NOT like you so that makes you different. Sounds like something I should have learned as a child right? Well I have to say in my adult life that I finally realize that being Different is a gift! In a day with so many trends and artificial visuals of what it means to be happy, successful, relevant and sometimes likable I pride myself on everything opposite of the natural eye. The intangibles that set me apart from my peers and the likes of the internet like a great personality, life experiences, honesty, humility and the ability to live a non-judgmental life understanding that we all have a story and bottom-line is you should too! What sets you apart from others?

You don't have to be loudest person in the room or say all the slang used in the streets to be relevant, your relevant because you are alive! All of your friends do NOT have to hold a PhD for you to feel as if you are a part of the " in crowd" and honestly SAVE your money you don't have to buy the latest Gucci belt, Prada bag or red bottom shoe to have the authority to sing ( .........with me you know I got it ** Rick Ross-y'all know the song fill in the blank lol -) and the reason none of this is needed is because when you GOT it people recognize it without words or things! Your energy will speak for you, your LIFE Brand will set the tone for what's attracted to you and you will be able to see even your own self for WHO you really are finally!

My older brother use to tell me “Just BE" ....what he was saying was no matter what you encounter or who you encounter on your journey “Just be you" and Be ok with it!

I charge each of you reading this if you have not already done so; Find your internal place where you become OK with you! It is then and only then that you can recognize the true power that resides inside you and experience the fullness of JOY that your parents and family told you life could yield! GOD has made you the way you are for a reason....your skills are needed; your crazy creativity is valid! To the introvert you have what balances others! To my Happy People you energy is contagious and to the person who does not know where you fit in, stop trying to do so, you are already IN just the way you are!

" Just Be"

R. Rene'

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