• R. Rene' Woodard

Finish It!

Greetings luvs!!

Amidst major chaos and craziness I had to take a pause from this constantly moving life and share with you all a revelation that has been haunting me the past few weeks! I would like to first thank each of you for always pushing me to share more and more, the emails bless me more than you know and I appreciate you all for being such great supporters of my brand!

As I work to re-brand my company and add some new gifts to the mix I cannot steer too far from writing. Writing has been at the center or core of not only what I do but who I am. I was the little girl who kept a pen, pencil or crayon in hand at all times. I was my mother's only child so the best ways to share what I was thinking or communicate with even me my true feelings I had to write it down. So the new found hobby for many of journaling is not really new to me, it is me lol. I wrote a draft of a children's book at 8 years old for my mom's eyes only, at 24 I wrote a whole stage play for my brother's eyes only ( It made sense, he's an actor), at 30 I wrote a book of affirmations, I copied it at kinkos I shared it with 1 church group, at 32 I started a book " Giving up is not an Option" , I went as far as taking pics for the cover and obtaining a publisher only to leave it on a USB for my eyes only. Do you notice the pattern? This cycle has been ongoing for years and in preparation of my 35th year of life I have been charged to FINISH all things... and I want to charge you to do the exact same- whatever it is FINISH IT!

I work day in and day out to help and consult others on projects to complete and moving forward in business etc... I create roadmaps to success for personal brands, I implement new things even on my day job that have a beginning date and an end date in order to measure outcomes yet I still have personal unfinished business...How fair is that to my life journey? GOD whispered very clear on a recent flight “You can't keep LOSING helping everyone else WIN" and at first that was a hard pill to swallow because like some of you reading this I am a helper! I help people...One of my friends calls me “Oprah" lol, projects are what I do! But there is a thing called balance and a dare not be a Janet of many talents, master of few or none all because I don't finish! We have to move from a place of being busy and get busy completing task rather than just starting, being apart and falling off! The days of unfinished business are honestly OVER.

Aging creates a multitude of things....your focus shifts; you tend to start looking at retirement, your children, life and death and the things and people around you very differently. The way you spend your time simply becomes more important to you than ever before. You probably begin to re-evaluate your decisions especially when old wells (gifts, creativity, people, things, opportunities) that you once failed to complete start to resurface! My charge to each of you as you go forward the remainder of the week is to look at the big picture, toss fear aside and FINISH IT! The true desires of your heart have no room to manifest until you do! When a race begins no matter who wins each runner has to both start and finish for it to be considered complete. I beg you not to disqualify yourself on purpose all because you started and never finished!

GO be great, Stay good to yourself and LIVE each day like there's no tomorrow!

Love you all with my whole -heart,

R. Rene'

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