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Greetings Peeps!

When I first sought out to write this post it was entitled 7 dresses and counting ....I actually wrote most of it on the airplane but as I began to transfer my hand written notes on to the pc I realized this is more about Love, Labor and relationship than it is about the 7 dresses. During an inspirational moment with Jeffrey Johnson - Indianapolis, IN (Google him and purchase his book The Song of Solomon- great read) he stated that Love= Labor if he had to put it into mathematical terms. The translation of Labor= Work. So in order for one to LOVE they have to also be willing to LABOR (work/action). The equation itself sat with me for days and I began to examine my own life, love and all of the labor associated with these things. The outcome was quite different than I expected....WHY? because it all then became dependent upon how I personally defined , Love and Labor....I must say I learned a lot about myself, about others and my new found interest in the dictionary...LOL Some of you will get that later! :)

Let's get to it. About 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of sharing in the union of one of my dearest friends in Nashville, TN. I remember about a year ago I stated I was not buying anymore bridesmaids dresses (lol), not because I did not want to but because I did not want to but because weddings are expensive and quite frankly I was sold on the next dress I was to wear being my own wedding dress...I mean think about it this is like dress #7 and I still have a good 6 or 7 more chicas to marry off before this is all said and done LOL. I laughed all the way to David's bridal to secure payment for my dress a few months ago because though I made the statement above a good year ago there is nothing I won't do for my sister friends. See sisterships like this are rare, it’s not the norm and I am blessed to have such great relationships like this! Amidst that moment I recognized that the love I have for these ladies causes me to labor and not even know it! You know when someone asks you to do something for them and without even thinking it’s done...that's labor ...the love causes an immediate action (work) to be done as a result of your loved ones request. This same Love = Labor equation should hover over your passion and your other relationships! So many times we fail to labor for those we love and the things we love and essentially those things fail....

We have all heard the Love never fails...scripture but we really don't take time to understand the verses both before and after that show a clear indication of why LOVE does not fail and it’s quite simple because there was work done that essentially led to the success of LOVE! Love is kind... ( you have to check your attitude) , Love is patient ( One has to be understanding ) , Love is not puffed up ( It's not about you, humility) See those things showed actions that must take place in order to sustain the LOVE never fails verse...and quite honestly we have to do this in all things that we say we LOVE. (Catch that)

I love helping others (Do you labor for them or complain about the labor necessary in order for you to help?)

I love him/her- (Do you love him/her enough to labor for them when they are having an unlovable moment?)

I love my job - (Do you really? how much, enough to be on time, and work OT even when you won't get paid any more for your time?)

I am passionate and love the business I started? ( Are you willing to have the patience to keep going when you take a loss, or will u quit)

When you don't get the scholarship, the small business loan or grant are you stilll KIND?

Get my point?

In order to win in all things you have to willing to LABOR. Verbal LOVE , Social Media and Public LOVE is not enough and why very debatable LOVE on paper is not enough I need the action to follow and the words and heart to all align that's when it becomes purpose driven over paper driven! Get to the core and ask yourself do I really LOVE It or am I pretending to LOVE it because when you LOVE it the labor associated comes very easy! Keep that in mind new entrepreneurs and newly dating couples. No love comes without sacrifice!

I encourage each of you this week to continue to check your motive and get acquainted with the love= labor equation....Are you really willing to labor for what you love? Are folks that say they love you showing some action ( labor), on the reverse are you?

Have a great week!!!

R. Rene'

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