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Be Good to yourself!

Be good to yourself.... the words a very close friend left me with before I prepared to depart from an amazing weekend getaway. For some those were just nice words and another form of affirmation from a loved one....for me it was the reminder I needed to shift into full restoration of my own mind, body and spirit.

Sometimes one simply needs some fresh air....a different scenery or to be surrounded by some different folks for a short period of time to help remove the FUNK, The lack luster motivation or to get over a bad situation but were always so afraid to admit that we need it. NO one wants anyone to believe that they aren't feeling it... that they are not at 100% on their game. It's quite odd if you ask it pride, call it saving face I call it unauthentic! Things sometimes happen in our everyday lives that will cause us to have to remove the mask and see things transparently starting with can force you to be a lot bolder and open with others than you would normally.. It can cause you to finally see what you are and who you are and honestly figure out if you like that person or not. Some will even find that they really don't like who they see in the raw....but I'll get off my soapbox so I can share this easy message!

This is for those of you who have not mastered BEING good to YOU because you’re too busy being GOOD to everyone else! When my friend ended the conversation with I Love you and Be good to yourself it tugged at my heart strings a bit.....I had an Ahh Tear Moment because it was in that moment that I realized the past few months I have NOT been as good to me as I couldv'e been. I started to think about the reasons why that were so... Maybe because I was amidst a period of burnout...but at the time the words were spoken I was embarking my RESET post burnout ... so now what do I do with those words? Aha and that's when it hit me, I was coming out of burnout into a new space- but unless I had this small piece of information I could easily find myself here again! So that's why I needed to hear those words and quite honestly so do you! It's the missing piece from our life equation. We spend 90% of our time doing for others , finding joy in it but we sometimes forget about us! Now some people may beg to differ and say oh... you take trips, you have good friends, you eat well, you exercise from time to time... how are you NOT being good to yourself!?

It's simple- If you say I can't more than I can when it comes to things that can aid to your personal success and goals... you are NOT being good to you! If you spend more time in the state of depletion from all of you’re giving.... You my friend are NOT being good to yourself...If you find yourself tired but still overcommitting and feeling obligated ...YOU are NOT being GOOD to yourself! If at the end of the day faced washed clean, pajamas on deck and blankets on fleek and you still feel like something is missing.......YOU ARE NOT BEING GOOD TO SELF! I am charging everyone reading today's post to spend more time being GOOD to you so that when you are being good to others you won't feel so lost or burned out in the game!

I reminded you of GOD's love in the last post and how he sends it your way through people well that small token blessed me and reminded me of just how much I was worth!

God does not give us the spirit of FEAR but the spirit of POWER.....we use the power to push us to success in business, success on stage , success in relationships so why not use that POWER to Be GOOD to you in your selfionship ( don't Google that word)! Whatever that looks like.....If it means starting over DO IT! If it means changing the way you think about you DO IT, if it means getting to know the real it... Pause... BE HONEST (DO you even know who you are?) If you answered No, then you know exactly where to start! I hopped on the plane refreshed and revived with a new sense of me and where I am headed because GOD loved me enough to send a friend to remind me in those 4 words. It was not that I lost my way nor did I stop on the journey , It was simply that my perspective about my journey was not intact and seemed very unclear.....I learned that burnout will do that to you so you have to be cautious in letting it go on too long!

So as this week closes out CHANGE your perspective! This alone will jump start the engine to the future of self-success! Trust the process and know that GOD can and will deliver......He has it all under control and at the end of the day you are worth it!

Have a wonderful Thursday and all the best over the weekend!

Love ya with my whole heart,

R. Rene'

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