• R. Rene' Woodard

New Me, New Year.......What's Different?

Happy New Year Good People!!!!!

12 days in already and I love seeing all of the New Year, New Me post! The Change is HERE energy is quite the high for a change agent like me! I love to see people excited to start's really just something about the thought of a clean slate. 365 blank pages with two hands guiding, creating and directing us all toward our destiny that's just amazing to me. So I can take each day and create what I want for my life and nobody can stop me? Yep, that's pretty dope! Not sure we utilize our creative gifts enough though…..Anybody ready for MORE?

I have to play a bit of devil's advocate here.... Social Media went crazy with New Year’s post sharing of resolutions, visions and things! My prayer for each one I read was that they come true and that the person who posted gave themselves a fair chance of allowing what they professed to manifest! We are 12 days into the NEW YEAR, NEW ME etc. and I am just curious have things really changed or are things honestly still the same? I thought to myself are people posting these things so that someone could possibly hold them accountable or maybe so that they could begin to challenge themselves to believe it….Either way I want people to understand what CHANGE TAKES! I cannot share what I have not experienced!

Many times we focus so much on saying were CHANGING yet we fail to remember that CHANGE is an ACTION not an EVENT! So in order to CHANGE, something must happen! Rather than get caught up on the new me new year statements get caught up on the reality of making the necessary adjustments that lead to Change. I too am GUILTY and that is why I am making this bold yet transparent appeal that it's time for some ACTION! While many were busy making the statements I was actually planning and preparing my mind mentally for the CHANGE (ACTIONS) that would have to happen in order for this NEW LIFE EVENT to take place. I literally spent the first 12 days of the New Year being the same ole me with some of the same ole folks doing the same ole things expecting the same ole results! While others are busy doing the same ole thing with the same ole folks expecting immediate different results and it is driving them crazy #INSANITYDEFINED. I chose NOT to PARTICIPATE IN THAT piece this year. Forgetting the frustrations and adjusting mentally to what it would take for me to SHIFT. Nonetheless, I had to REMOVE my OLD self from my NEW thoughts in order to see the New Year as a whole like the clean slate mentioned during today’s noticed an ACTION had to take PLACE!

Many of us lack the ability to change life directions because we don’t want to put in any of the necessary work to pull off our personal LIFE EVENT. Some of us are Fearful while others are Insecure and Guarded. Fearful to Failure and Rejection, Insecure of the creativity and gift you already possess and guarded by the history of your old thoughts in the new you.

I want to encourage everyone reading this message today to BE BOLD enough to take ACTION in 2015. Change cannot take place without it! I could go on about the daily issues many of us face and struggles we have within ourselves to live out this New Year, New Me but I won’t list them. Why?, because you know what barriers /issues concerned you last year that continue to concern you today even 12 days in! You know what ACTION has to take place in order for you to finally to start fresh.

It won’t be easy but baby steps are much better than no steps! As I stated a few months back I would rather have the option to CHANGE on my own terms rather than be FORCED to CHANGE by a higher authority. You felt it before you declared it and now it is time to MOVE on it. Some of you have been waiting for quite some time for this opportunity and now that you have it what will you do with it?

No more Next year this, Next month that….NO MORE because the NEW YEAR is HERE! It's your time to SHOW UP!


Don’t know where to Start? Call me, Email me, Text Me- THE TIME IS NOW. I promise 2015 will be NOTHING like any other year you have experienced! The Opportunities are limitless- Cease the MOMENT!

Great things are ALREADY taking PLACE! Look in the Mirror, Your STILL HERE!

Check back every Monday for your Weekly DOSE of MOTIVATION!

R. Rene’

“Live Everyday with Intention”



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