• R. Rene' Woodard

Oh what a SEASON!

Hey Peeps!

Merry- Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays to you all! 7 days away from 2015 is simply unbelievable! So many seasons have passed....spring, summer, and fall and now winter is upon us....and it’s almost a New Year. Again UNBELIEVABLE!

Without taking too much of your time this Evening I wanted to just send some love, support, encouragement and gratitude your way today. Many times when seasons shift things in our life start to alter....Some of you may recall the share from a few years ago regard wearing the wrong clothes in the wrong season/weather and how it causes frustration. Well when the SEASON changes in general it does not come without some minor or temporary discomfort....Life altering things take place. People come, People go, Jobs change and relationships begin and end...It's just the reality of the life we lead. My goal in all things has always been to remain optimistic, to keep my personal HOPE alive and BELIEVE even when others DOUBT. Like others I have moments, temporary seasons that attempt to interfere but I don't sign-up for anything that is TRIAL or Temporary without knowing the Permanent Impact it may have on my life and you should adopt this habit as well!

How you view your life season will determine your ability and capacity to receive your hearts desires. Over the past 42 days since my last blog entry I have seen seasons change, people transition to glory and others lose their zeal and to be honest I was almost out of STEAM and like a flood the wind hit me with a Loud Hello, Tears hit my face and in that moment I recognized that it was my responsibility to control the SEASON and not let it control me. Did you know you had that type of POWER?

For example, I live in the DMV and when it rains in the area I sometimes try to take a different route to work because the hwy gets backed up, people become scared of the water and move into a place of panic and what I call " You just can't drive" so again my route is changed though it would be quicker to take the hwy on a "regular" day. I can laugh now because I know how to prepare for a "rainy day" even when it’s unexpected. This is a key example of exercising control over the season. Some of you may miss that but there's power in re-routing (in my siri/navigator voice). Don't get frustrated, re-affirm your worth, intelligence and desire, follow directions being given and get to your destination even if it requires a few extra turns! (You got this, because GOD gave it to you!)

I want each of you in preparation for a new year, a new day, a new life season to get prepared for the next chapter in your life! Stop permitting Temporary Seasons to LEAD you and take your charge back once and for all. Kill the mood swings, no more Happy Today , Sad Tomorrow.....People have likely already began the long list of new year's resolutions ...rather than resolve things you are NOT yet committed to....COMMITT to restoring YOU over the course of the next 7 days.....this is sure fire way to be prepared for a shift!

7 Easy things to JUMPSTART your COMMITMENT to YOU

1. Pray/Meditate/Exercise More- Focus on your whole-self (Mind, Body, Soul).

2. Be grateful- Refresh your gratitude for the little things - Every day I walk in my home after work and I say THANK YOU ....not focusing on the size or lack of space but focusing on the fact I could be HOMELESS.

3. Make Realistic Goals - Don't go in with a goal that will make you feel depleted if you don't achieve it or Goals that sound good to others. Be TRUE to you!

4. Love yourself more- Just the way you are FIRST!- So many people are looking to change but change is NO good if you don't like you now you will NOT like you then ( in 2015)

5. Log-off of Social Media- Give yourself a BREAK! You are so focused on others that you have failed to FOCUS on YOU! Fall back, its temporary you can do it! No more comparing....It's not as beautiful as it looks, BELIEVE ME!

6. Find your CHILL! Ha---- As funny as it sounds, don't get worked up over the small things....when it rains say so, when it’s cold- so, when it’s too! Keeps it moving anyhow....They make you mad at work.....say what time is it? It's only Temporary!

7. Let GO!- Stop holding on to.......yep THAT....whatever THAT is! It's hindering your ability to committ to you and your next level.

Love each of you with my whole-heart!

The best is yet to come!!! Evolving and it feels solo GOOD!

All the seasons are my Seasons....Rather good /bad or ugly....I have the power to stay prepared when the CHANGE comes and so do you! GET READY!

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