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TOTD:Does the SHOE fit?

Greetings Peeps! I had a few moments today and in the midst of some brief online browsing I began looking at I looked at the shoes I came to realize that I am very selective about the BRAND, Site or where I actually order from for several reasons. Most of the time I am selective because I am unsure about size, comfort, material or style...for places I order from often (Sole Society, bluefly, DSW) it’s pretty easy because I know how it fits already. How? Because I am a frequent shopper there I understand the make pretty well. As I continued to browse I found myself looking at some of the kicks ( ole skool) for the fellas too....If I looked at hers might as well browse a few of HIS and see what's hot I began to do so I started to think about the process it takes when shopping for yourself or others...the feeling of wondering how it will fit, will they like it, do you like it, is it trendy or my style...we tend to either talk ourselves into some things or out of some things be it SHOES or LIFE in general. As I evaluated my shoe buying process and the virtual shopping cart that good creative light bulb came in like hmmmm....what if we took the shoe route when making other major life decisions... what if we considered all the attributes, the cost, the style and really made a decision as to if it’s a right now, a later or a never kind of purchase..... (Whoa!)

If you know me I love things included but when I buy I look for unique, comfort, colorful, multi-functional , a just right heel or style no matter the occasion and a bit of funk or many life situations if I don't see the unique attribute, difference, the demand and consistency of a brand or market of a situation or cannot pin point a place of comfort & purpose I tend to refrain from future involvement ( all things) ...and with my shoes I definitely don't buy them if they don't fit!

So here comes the message.....STOP buying SHOES (people, places, things, careers, etc.) that do NOT fit! Not every style is for everybody! Sometimes we want things to work in our favor so much that we convince ourselves that things are for us that really are for the person behind us (you will get that later). Think about the last time you personally purchased a new pair of shoes....even the right size shoes hurt initially when you first wear them ( raise your hand if ya understand, fellas too) . You have to break them in, wear them a few times so that your foot can get used to the material and fit and eventually after a few walks they become the perfect shoe....but if it’s a pair that from onset, it hurt your pinky toe, they were tight across the top or you could not tie them through the last hoop, I think it’s fair to say THEY ARE NOT your SIZE and definitely NOT for you! (Pass them on to someone who can fit them and get the best wear out of them no matter how much you like the color, the design and the overall look or feel!)

It got real deep for a minute and I had to start evaluating DOES THE SHOE FIT!

So I made a quick list of Attributes of a GOOD FIT and I encourage each of you to take a look at the shoes around you and ask yourself this question too!

DOES this shoe fit?

1- Safety & Comfort- I like to dance, so when I purchase shoes I have to be sure that it can uphold the WEIGHT that it must carry on occasions, the late nights, long walks and sometimes adverse weather. Will the shoes remain comfortable and protect me from things I may encounter along the way! NO matter what ensure that the SHOES provide you with a sense of safety and comfort if needed.

2- Style - Make sure the shoe matches your SWAG in some capacity...Yes I said SWAG ( Thank my mentees for that in advance) So many times we like to buy what's in style...but maybe your soul is calling for something a bit vintage or seasoned. Sometimes you have to look at the shoes that are not in the newspaper or on the front page of the website to get the best style for you. Choose to be different you may find that while everybody else is running to GOOGLE or APPLE , Dell an HP still have some consistent value of people and longevity in the business. Start your own trend, nothing like being an innovator as you walk!

Everybody won't like it but DO you?

3. Height- Don’t be afraid to go a little higher than normal... Yes 2.5 is perfect for walking at work ...but when you get off ladies do you have a pair of 3 or higher that can provide you the same safety, comfort and style all at the same time....or fellas Jordan’s are nice, Cole Haan's are cool too....But do yourself a favor and ensure your shoes have the versatility/capacity that is needed to adjust to the troubles many face when they reach the TOP!

4. Cost- Don't be so quick to go the cheap route- YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE! When buying shoes these days you have to be careful and ensure that the leather is not IMITATION leather or counterfeit copies of the real thing! Buy cheap or Wait until you can afford the quality pair you have your eyes’s worth it! (Red bottoms for 1000 Alex)- Granny used to say the good ones LAST LONGER! (People tend to stay on good jobs longer than those where leadership talked a good game to get you to choose the company, relationship or wherever the SHOE may fit- Message!

Perfect Perspective!

When I was younger my great grandmother always told me if I wore cheap shoes they would hurt my growing up I was very particular on where I would personally buy shoes from. She had a thing with “payless’’ yes PAYLESS she said they're going to hurt your feet. I'll never forget Freshman year of college I wanted some Black Knee boots ...we were headed North Carolina A & T football game and I just had to have them for the game ( HBCU stuff) Dillard’s ( out the budget), Bare Feet Shoes ( didn't like the styles), Up against the Wall ( too High for a game) , etc. so I went to payless, my mind-set- It's only for a day, it can't be that bad forgetting everything "mama" had told me about my SHOES. Grabbed a pair from payless and went on to the 1/2 time I was walking around in pro-socks picked up at the local k-mart because my feet were ON FIRE...Needless to say, I will never allow a cute, cheap pair or temporary style put me in a unsafe and uncomfortable position ever again!

What shoes do you need to PASS on to the next person this week? What have you been trying to FORCE your feet in and having no luck because it just does not fit? Or how many of you walking around in Christian Louboutin when you would prefer a nice pair of NINE WEST just because it's hot! Cole Haan's when you have new Jordan’s you have not even worn because someone does not like it? FIND a SHOE that FITS and RID yourself of all those shoes that no longer provide you with the GOOD FIT attributes listed above.

What better time to do so then at the end of a season??? so many shoes on sale and a variation of style, affordability with the potential to take you to your next level and last you a long time! Ready to SHOP?

THIS SHOE process prompted this SOLE (SOUL) CHECK- Just like that and I'm out!


I wear what works for me...DO you!?

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Love y'all with my whole-heart!


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