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Happy Thursday!

What a busy week it has been! Life is just crazy sometimes, each week I prepare to share its like I always have to make sure its "good enough" or something that's "heart-provoking" and full of " substance" of course every day I write but its what I choose to share that becomes the problem( It's just so personal, lol). Rather you all know it or not it is really a large yet heavy task to not only be so transparent with self but to be that to this cruel world when judgment, social condemnation and character attack has become the norm...yea sometimes I really would rather not but I know for me its therapy and through each key stroke someone else is blessed just because GOD was so gracious enough to lend me a message and I was so brave to share it so it's my duty to share the wealth of encouragement through words.

So check this out....

When Oprah was the popular daytime show , I had these major plans (dreams) of sitting on the sofa on the Chicago stage at HARPO studios being interviewed. My family and sister-friends sitting in the chairs up front to be close enough to answer the fun stuff and share in the moment...and one day I said to GOD ,nah don't do that for me yet because I felt like again....I was yet " good enough" to sit on that couch. At that time a college student, little money, some debt and probably a few enemies, frenemies (friend/enemies) and haters I just felt like I should wait...What would the tabloids say after my Oprah debut? , Who would come and ask for money? lol , what would those persons I wronged and apologized have to say when the WORLD, the PUBLIC becomes involved in the story I call life.....or everyone would know my name....Nope not ready! Why do we think this way? What besides our lack of personal security in who we were designed to be stops us from being FREE and Dreaming BIG? My prayers lately have been to SPEAK BIG blessings and FAVOR not over my FUTURE but over my daily, my encourage myself not to allow the fight between my personal thoughts and the anticipation of the thoughts of others to become a paralyzing component of my was a decision I had to make because I was reminded that the only reason I was not interviewed by OPRAH at HARPO in 1999 and/or 2003 was because of ME......It was not that the DREAM was unattainable it was what I thought about what was attached to my dream that stopped me.

Today I simply want to encourage someone that it is never too late to Dream BIG! Don't let the anxiety of what a thing could do or could be limit you from the experience. If I stayed in the mental place of insecurity regarding my words , my spelling, my writing, my ability to communicate, my looks, my family, my last name, where I live and what I did I would NOT be where I am today! We have to loose those things that cripple us for no reason.......some people are more concerned with what they WEAR to the GYM rather than what happens as the result of the GYM! and I hate to tell you some of us have the same mentality with Self ...the clothes being your OUTER and the GYM being your INNER.....more concerned with how you look to other people then what's real on the inside. At the end of the day honestly no one really cares what you wear to the gym ( how you look, be fashionable **lol) but more so about who you are and the fruit you produce as a result of your internal self....( read that again)..In this reason discovery I have found that no one would have really cared about me and things I did prior to OPRAH the talk of the town would have been the fact that I was on OPRAH......GET IT IN YOUR SPIRIT that your DREAMS are VALID and POSSIBLE and the anxiety you feel about making them manifest is only because of how excellent the OUTCOME will BE! You are GOOD ENOUGH! No more holding more sitting quietly and letting life pass you by , one dream season after the next.. It starts with you so are you ready???

Be encouraged to continue to live daily as humble, secure and transparent as you know how ....the BIGGER you DREAM the Bigger BLESSINGS you can DELIVER! Believe it!

Love each of you with my whole-heart!

Thanks for your continued support! Now go be PURPOSE CHASERS!

No more Fear! You know exactly what needs to be done!

Have a great evening and a wonderful weekend~

R. Rene-

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