• R. Rene' Woodard

Lighten the Load ~ LIFE

Just like a birdie I just wanna fly free And own a piece of land Somewhere, somewhere off in the country Oh, oh yeah, listen

Temperature's like a hundred degrees Like I got chains on me Blackmail and a family of three Been right on my destiny Rake it out fly way Cuz it's too much for the man Shouldn'ta gone down this way the tunes of KC & Jo Jo Circa 1999 feeling good and tired LOL. As I sat back and reflected on this weekend's events I could not help but to smile, laugh and at one moment catch a tear and say...LIFE. Not because I was sad but because it still amazes me day in and day out....don't you agree? When its good I hear folks say “Man, Life is good" or when challenges arise " Life, I tell ya" .. the common denominators are both YOU and LIFE in the same LIFE LIFE ....LIFE ...LIFE..LIFEEE I think I'll sing it all day just for the hook LOL. Now on to the good stuff.

Ever made plans? Then they fall through so you end up having a bit more FREE time than you thought you would?? Nope me either because the minute one thing falls off the calendar 3 new things are added in its place...Seems to be how it goes for me the past few years. In some instances I love it and at other times ...well yeah I would rather be doing absolutely nothing in front of a body of water with a umbrella garnished cup....( sorry I got lost for a minute) but you get my point. That said I had to take some time and evaluate my commitments, those things I agree to verbally that I never put on paper and once reminded I feel obligated to do...yep those are commitments too and most of the time we do such without even knowing we have full calendars and left no breathing room praying something would fall off to only replace it with more...When do you end that cycle? When is it ok to decline an outing, trip, project or visit? are we really using our TIME well? When asked on demand I would answer that question with an Immediate YES...and the more I thought about it....maybe not all the time.

When we overcommit, double-book and leave no room we are doing ourselves, our business and our relationships (family/friends) a true disservice. While having coffee with a friend Saturday morning...we were discussing travel and what's happening the next few weeks and he pointed out that if my schedule stayed as is ...I was totally booked through mid-September and its only JUNE. During a dinner outing on Wed night, another pal and I realized we had not connected in over 3 mths verbally/in person (all text) due to schedules...So imagine this if you have had no time for these folks, you stay committed to work, projects and other things when do you have TIME for even YOU? We find ourselves giving time, resources, energy and more time to people, places and things and if I can be frank that are not always worth our time. Some of us spend countless hours on face book, IG, online shopping ( as if we need more) and indulging in other mindless chatter ( as one of my peeps call it, lol) just to make your day go by...while someone else is spending countless hours knee deep in their passion and purpose attempting to use their creativity and resources to walk out there dreams, another is wishing they had some time to go to church, spend with family heck even themselves but they cannot because long days and hours equal the extent of their survival.

( WHICH Time Manager are YOU). I have to say I'm a little guilty of both...How we spend and manage our time is so important. There would be less late arrivals, longer lasting relationships , HAPPIER business owners and less stress and pressure. I had to evaluate my schedule , my LIFE and what’s important moving forward. I don’t want to simply stay occupied ….I want to fill my time with meaningful pieces of life that will lend my memory a happy place to pull from during dark times and you should to. We all need Me TIME and what I call MHB ( Mental Health Breaks) …but you cannot do this if you never make the TIME. God does some of his best work when you have a clear mind and a rested heart to receive….if you’re always busy when do you even make time to hear him speak….is it on your schedule? ( pause) I’ll stop there!

This week’s encouragement is simple- Ensure your TIME IS WELL SPENT! There is no room for clutter, space- fillers and placeholders. Fill your life with things that enrich your being and the life moves you are anticipating…leave room for things that are worth it and STOP doing stuff just to be doing something….Make it mean something. My weekend was jam packed but I tell ya memories were created that I will never forget as long as I live...…. Meaningful MOVES is what I call it.... are your moves meaningful or you just moving?

“Make realistic choices about YOUR LIFE and how you spend your time and Simply Spend your TIME well”

Luv Y’all,


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