• R. Rene' Woodard

What's your MOOD?

Hello Family!

I am just overjoyed with Happiness these days....something about that year switch turning on the inside of me hitting 34 has just given me so much SUNSHINE internally and I am feeling well as that beautiful 7 day ocean vacation over in the Republic of Dominicana all in all as you can see I am still smiling ( cheese!) :) I pray that life has been treating each of you kind the past few weeks and that you are just as excited about the life you live as I am for you! We are blessed to be here and none the less blessed to be a blessing.

I initially wanted to share my writings from my trip and the power of mental health days AKA vacations but I feel led to share a life moment. I was approached randomly yesterday in the midst of hospital hopping by a older woman in the parking lot of one of my office buildings. She was completely lost , frantic and stopped to ask me if I had any idea where a specific address was located. Me not familiar with the area outside of GPS stated no im not sure do you know a landmark. Attempting to help she called the office she was looking for and asked that I speak to the person on the phone in order to help guide her there. ( Hold that thought) Now think of this I am 1. In a hurry 2. have a 2pm meeting with new physician 30 minutes away in distance and I clearly look as if I am rushing and in the back of my mind I really just want to stop and grab a Grande Very Berry Refresher ( Starbucks, 60 calories, tell them I sent you lol) before this next meeting because my day is crazy. Back to the story: So I spoke to the man he told me of the location,still unaware I GPS and find that its merely 2 min away in distance I give her the directions and ask her would she be able to drive over...without hesistation she began to explain that she had been lost on FOOT for over an hour and the local city bus had dropped her off in this area...( Pause and refer to the last Pause) but me being the woman my Grandmother, mothers, uncles,dads, family raised me to be I could not leave the situation unsettled. I agreed to drive her over in my car and ensure she got where she needed to be. In a very pure yet grateful tone she said GOD bless you and began to tell me her story. This woman is currently unemployed, she was headed to get her fingerprints completed for a potential job and even told me that if I knew of anywhere that she could volunteer to please give her the information .She carried on with her GOD bless you's and before her thank you she gave me her contact information and said now don't forget about me if you hear of any opportunties I assured her yes a woman i do not know that I would not...but if you know me I AM A WOMAN of my WORD and HIS ( GOD's word- do unto know the rest).

Many of us would not have taken that moment to HELP out a complete stranger ...rather out of fear....selfishness ( I dont have time ) or simply because you just don't want to. The cares and concerns of our own mess, day or life consume our ability to help others because we allow our MOOD to dictate our Manners. When your mad...every knows and they see it on your face..when your sad or depressed ..everyone hears it and feels your energy or lack-thereof ...but what about the moments where someone else is in a worst situation than you ....can you be a blessing? .. Have you missed an opportunity to show GOOD face time? I tell people all the time I don't cater to other people's CRAZY not even my OWN and by doing so I save FACE time and I consistently treat others as I would want to be treated....

As my day continued I made it to my next destination only 2 min late with my starbucks in hand and proud of the deed not for me but for the woman I helped she would know that no matter what the news says THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. I walked into the new office and meant some employees for the first time midway through the meeting me and one of the clinicians were having a conversation...she proceeded to say " God is GOOD " isn't he...My reply " He is" ...she began to tell me how she lost her husband of 22 years last week from a massive heart attack... she had recently had his funeral a few days ago and the military would lay him to rest today...she shared how she not once questioned GOD and that she still believes he does all things well...she was pleasant to me...her patients...she laughed...she joked...and she carried on working hard....her mood internally never once dictated her manners...

I want to encourage each of you today to simply watch your reactions and DON'T LET your current mood dictate the manners you have towards others. There is someone going through far worst than you and handling them and other much better than you. Too many times we let life stressors take over our conversations, appearances and our attitudes we must do better. Treat others the way you would like to be treated always..its just that simple. All I kept thinking with the lady in the parking lot is " what if this was my mom" ...all I could think of while listening to the nurse ( I could never imagine that feeling and still come to work) but despite each of the distractions and life barriers taking place in each of their lives they both were in the best moods ever. They were calm...they were geuine and they were ok with their circumstances.

Morale of the STORY: watch your manners....and learn to struggle never know how much of a blessing your doing so can be to others because both of these ladies sure have become a blessing to me in the course of a few hours and I am forever grateful for the lesson and the introduction...I'll call that LIFE 202 though they move in silence....each move holds POWER!

GO forth in Peace with an attitude of Gratitude .. Lose the BAD MOOD.....We have so much to be grateful for!

Love y'all with my whole-heart!


"GOD does all things Well"