Greetings Peeps!! Dropping in for our regular Monday meet and Greet …. not because I want to but because I have to. I am committed to inspiring, pushing positivity and spreading a glimmer of hope and optimism even when things get heavy. That being said.... Y’all this weekend was Heavy …. No lie! I was riding down the street on Saturday headed off on my normal routine trying to beat the rain and get errands done. I approached a light where I noticed two cops on the sidewalk talking to a homeless man that appeared intoxicated. I mean intoxicated to the point of falling each time he attempted to walk or move. The cops looked as if they were cautiously handling the situation considering many of

Fight For IT!

Greetings Family!! I hope and pray that this finds you well this Monday afternoon and that you had an amazing weekend! Honestly, it was a very good weekend for me, and I appreciated the time away from the PC surrounded by my quarantine team with much needed laughter and fun as I decompressed from a full work week. I don’t know about you but has the past few weeks started to feel more and more like the reality of your old life in the office? It was like August began and boom forget the pandemic, forget the kids being home since the spring and let’s hop back into this 2020-2021 school year and offices both in-person and virtually with our old agenda in hand. You know the old agenda, closing ou

Don't Cheat yourself!

Greetings Fam!! It’s Monday and I hope you have found yourself in good cheer this morning! If not, find something to be thankful for and stay in that peace and joy all day long no matter what the day throws at you. I know, I know, easier said than done but can you commit to at least trying to be encouraged today? Thank you in advance for those who will even when you do not feel like it. I am grateful today for God’s sense of humor …. I whispered a thing to myself yesterday about commitment and discipline and how I needed to get back to my early morning workouts, walks and runs. I said this week, I will be back on it. That is what I said before I went to bed last night. My alarm was set for

A Beautiful Surprise!

Greetings Family!! I pray that each of you are well on this Thursday. It has been a long week and it’s still not over, but I dare not complain! Sometimes you have to remember what you prayed for. We often get overwhelmed with schedules, tasks , the day to day and forget we prayed those no lack prayers, die empty prayers and my favorite “ use me lord” prayers so dare us not get weary in our well doing because a day to reap is coming …that’s the promise and that’s what I personally believe! What do you believe??? Yeah, that’s not why I stopped by, but it needed to be said I suppose. I just wanted to jump in the mix this week to keep that weekly blog promise to myself to share with each of you

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