I'm Proud of You ...

Good people!! Top of the morning to you! I pray that your weekend was good and restful! I decided to use my insomnia for good today and go ahead and knock this blog out early just in case the day gets away from me. Unlike many other bloggers and storytellers, I tend to right my weekly shares in real time rather than schedule planned content. Not sure it will always be this way but for now it works for me. As I reflected on my weekend activities, I realized just how much things have changed in such a short time. The full stay at home order started in DMV area the week of March 16th. My last full outing with friends was on March 15th. We celebrated a birthday and engagement. We danced, we sang

Pay attention..

Greetings Peeps!! I am hopeful that each of you had a great weekend nestled up with family and loved ones at home. It is April 20th, 2020 and time is passing by at rapid speed. My weekend was full of REST and I mean real rest unfortunately, not necessarily by choice. After a jammed packed week of interviews, podcasts, digital programming and meetings I found myself feeling ill on Friday evening. Honestly, the worst I have felt in many of years. I immediately contributed it to my vertigo or PTC and just moved along with my regular medication and rest. As I began to rest, I realized that my head and body began to feel worse …so I decided like the Clinician I am to start a log and get some vit

Raise it up!

Ladies, how y’all doing, fellas y’all alright??? Happy Monday Folks!! I hope each of you had a great weekend despite our continued stay home orders! It brought such a smile to my face as I scrolled down my timelines, so many children and families in their annual Easter garments rather inside the house or out in the yard. It further confirmed that we still had the power to enjoy life and create memories no matter what. We are such a resilient world of people. My weekend was full of those same wonderful moments being created, rather it was sharing in a video call with my mom or a zoom toast with my DMV family and I cannot forget the most epic virtual church hop on Easter Sunday with my sister

Just not feeling it ...

Greetings Peeps!! I hope you are doing well on this beautiful Monday afternoon! The weather in the DMV is gorgeous today. My first mind on sunny days is normally to find the nearest rooftop, call some friends, ride some bike trails just to take in all the Vitamin D and enjoy the day …. Together….and then the “current” normal hit me…and a nice neighborhood run, or solo walk will have to do. Notice, I said “current” normal, I refuse to share sentiments with other writers and refer to this as the “new” normal because for me this is only for now. As I stated last week, we won’t be allowing this temporary storm to taint our outlook on the future of our sunny days. Feel me? Now that I got that

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