During this...

Hey Friends!! How are you all today??? Like really How are you??? Sometimes when I write I wish I could hear back from yall in real- time, kind of like call and response at church, AMEN lol 😊. Nonetheless, I appreciate all your emails and feedback after each entry. When I figure out how to put my comment section back on, it is going to be a blast! Yesterday was a beautiful day in the DMV, 74-degree temps and sunny. I started my day with open windows, music and some much-needed time of meditation. By the afternoon, I had connected with family and friends sharing some laughs and staying up to date with the happenings in their local areas and simply ensuring everyone was maintaining their s

Distractions, Distance and Destiny

Greetings Peeps! It’s Monday!! How ya doing out there?? Are you quietly quarantined? Or Quarantined and complaining? I’ve spoken verbally to several different people who have shared their various quarantine sentiments and I cannot help but chuckle at the thought of those conversations. Whatever you must do to get through these times that may seem “challenging” I say do it but do it with a smile 😊. I shared last week via IG that this was a time to be the most creative and innovative as you have ever been. That’s with your careers, programs, family and with your communication. Many people have connected via social media in various ways but what I am enjoying the most is the verbal phone conve

Dear Anxiety...

Greetings Family!!! I hope that this message finds all of you well amidst the current client of our nation as we sit and war this COVID-19 pandemic. I am praying for the safety, sanity, health and well-being of both you, your children, spouses, parents, co-workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, the healthcare workers, political leaders and more currently. Being a healthcare professional who spent most of my early career nearly 20 years ago in a laboratory, under the hood resulting test and viruses such as this and being in direct care this hits a bit differently. I want to encourage you all to simply learn from the mistakes of our world leaders and simply be Proactive rather than Reactive in as

Always give it your Best!

Greetings Peeps!! Praying that you all are staying safe, washing your hands, covering your mouths and stocked up on toilet paper because apparently folks it's getting real in these DMV streets. Today has truly been one of those days where I just cannot get it together and for a person who has it together most days it is the worst feeling in the world. I want to blame it on this rapid invasion, no boundaries having “spring ahead" season I really do but I would be telling a lie if I gave it all the credit. Some of this tiredness, these mentally tired attributes are due to my inability to shut this brain off and go to sleep at night. (Transparency Moment) I have not slept a full 7 or 8 hours si

Answer the Phone~

Greetings good people!! I am a day behind on my post this week but I promised myself it would get out by Wednesday and here I am! I pray this messages finds each of you well this morning. It's March and just like Jan and Feb, March came in swinging like an all-out street fight. Many life transitions and then today a place that I had the privilege to call home for 8 years , that still pays me to date was hit with a very devastating tornado. This tornado ripped homes apart and tore businesses down to the ground, lives were lost and some are still missing it just seems unreal. One thing for sure, two things for certain (as my dc peeps say) this life is full of the unexpected and things can trul

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