Expiration Date

Greetings Peeps!! I pray this message finds each of you well, coming off a short week and a long weekend! I don't know about you but it feels like it's April already ....time slow down just a bit pretty please. The kids in my life are growing up rapidly from diapers to now double digits in age..... and I'm a little in my feelings about it. It's not because they are growing up but because that means I am growing up or older also. While I am glad to be able to see the light of a new day ...sometimes the thought of aging over 30 can seem like bad news if you are not where society thinks you should be or scratch that if you have not accomplished what YOU or your family thinks you should by suc


Most of you probably have the luxury of being home today in your jammies or getting some much needed errands and house work done that don't include the US postal office or any other federal building for that matter. President's day 2020 is in full swing. Don't yall miss the Obama’s? I know I do!! I guess it was just something about seeing this Black power couple in office with two kids and a dog that resembled our families and the fact that we (yes blacks again) are pretty dope. But let me move on before someone gets political and unsubscribes before the getting this week's goodness. So much has happened since the last time I shared..... I mean ALOT but I don't have the time and neither do y

Call me Crazy...

Top of the week Peeps!! I pray that this message finds you in great spirits as you begin another fabulous Monday. I know, I know some of you are like what's fabulous about it and my response to that is simple..... YOU MADE it to see another Monday, when someone else did not I beg you to somehow, some way find gratitude and peace this morning knowing that you too have much to be grateful for this day even if it did not start as you saw fit and even despite any challenges or mindsets that have conditioned you to forsake Mondays change the narrative today for me and for those around you. I can say this to you because if you have been following me for any length of time you know I use to h


Happy Wednesday good people!!! I hope your week is off to a great start! This week has been “A-HA" or “Light Bulb" moment central so please roll with me while I try my best to translate these moments , emotions and encounters that may somehow help you as you navigate the remainder of the week. First things first, I recently made a personal oath to myself to take control of my health. Not that I am sick or any recent diagnosis but because word on the street and in my google photo drive is that about two years ago I was a tad bit obsessed with working out and fine fine. Listen who am I to argue with the streets or google? I'm still fine but I am approaching 40 years old and my prayer is that I

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