Dear January ...

Friendsssss .... The 1st month of 2020 is coming to a rapid close and if I am honest the past two weeks have been something extremely heavy! This year has already had its very highs and some very deep lows. Unfamiliar, Read my last blog and then take a moment and recall the blow we all took on Sunday with the tragic incident that took place in LA on Sunday to get caught up. I wish I could say that we are just getting it all out the way and that it won't happen again but I can't say that. The reason I can't say that is because we all know that life comes at you fast in the most unexpected ways, but what I will promise is that we will get through it all together. The good, the bad, the ugly an


Greetings Friends!! OK,it has literally taken 16 days for me to gather myself and get a 2020 blog share out!! So much has happened and is happening, I can barely contain myself. So let me start by saying it once more HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!! I am excited about what this New Year has to offer, I promise there’s something in the atmosphere that leads me to believe that this one out of all the others will be the best one to date. At first I thought it was because hey it’s an even year ( those are my favorites), then I said nah, it’s because I was born in the year of 1980 and I am approaching my personal new decade and that’s exciting , right? Then it hit me, I am hype about it because I mad

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