Reflection- No Regrets~

Happy Holidays!!! On this last Friday of 2019 I myself in deep reflection... Reflecting on the highs and the lows of 2019, reflecting on the moments of love, accomplishment and joy and reflecting on the moments where I did not feel the best. In each of the moments of reflection, I realized that I could not have made it through many of those moments without each of you in some way, shape or form. I am grateful for the support, encouragement and push you continue to give in all of my endeavors. The support of my blog, Girl Talk DC, Holiday Angel donations, Trips and more really help keep me going and doing the things I know in my heart I have been called to do. I committed to being a resource

2019 closing in ......

Greetings Good People!!! I hope that each of you are having an amazing week thus far. As I sit here preparing to finally start some Christmas shopping for my angel children I could not help but notice that we are a week from Christmas and I am just starting to shop. We're all family right? So I can be honest with you..... No judgement.... I have NOT been in the mood... I have tried to shop several times in the past few weeks and it just did not work out for me. If you have ever received a gift from me than you know that I like my gifts to have themes and tell perfectly curated stories for the recipient. But with only a week left to do so it probably won't happen that way and it's OK. A simi

Tell The WHOLE Story!!!

Greetings Good people!! Oh how I pray that each of you are feeling good and keeping the winter blues off your back!! Today I woke up, unbothered to the furthest 10th so much that I worked from home, from bed to be exact until after 10am. If you know anything about how I live my life that "10am" and “working from bed" is very much unheard of! But let's just say I needed it. The past few days have been nonstop both physically, mentally and spiritually! I realized that due to a 3 day training over the weekend, I had 0 day off to renew and refuel. Anybody else feel unaligned when you don't get a moment to refuel? If you answered Yes, I feel you ...If you answered No, share ya secrets sis/bro?

Show Up!!

Hellooooo!!! Whew Chile, its December we made it!! Month 12 of 12. WE made it! Can you believe it, I sure can't it has truly been a year. A year of laughs, tears, ups , downs , love, pain, hurt, joy all of the feels but we are here and we can officially say that we have survived 95% of 2019 and we did so with our heads held high! It's been a minute since I have been able to share....My schedule has been nonstop with this week being no different. I literally had to make a list with “Write a blog “in order to get this out today. Every day I have so much to share or say during the various light bulb moments throughout my travels and when I sat in this seat to write this afternoon my mind almo

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