Be Prepared~

Greetings Good People and Happy Tuesday!! How blessed are we, it's Tuesday Oct 29 2019!!! Do you all get tired of me leading each blog with a reference to the date? If so, I'm sorry.....well not really lol... I am just completely in awe at how fast time is moving. Each time I write I look down to the right of my computer and honestly want to scream at the rate by which time is passing. I dare not take the gift of time for granted and I urge you not to either! The past few weeks have been filled with preparation ....rather it was preparing for an event, a travel assignment, leisure or simply a work from home week I had to prepare. In my preparation, I noticed that I was very intentional abo

Can we Pray?

Greetings Good People!! Fall is here, the leaves are falling and things are definitely changing.....well at least that's the view I have over Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. I have literally trying to write a quick share to you all for the past 2 weeks!! Life just continues to happen at a much faster pace than I can personally keep up with. Some things I understand while other things I don't ...but rather than lean unto my own understanding I tend to petition GOD for that peace that surpasses the need for me to understand and the strength to encourage others to do the same and move forward! The past few days have been challenging ..., mentally ...I won't call it bad and I won't call i

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