Making everyday count!!

Greetings Peeps!! Monday's can be dreadful to many, me included at times. I found myself troubling my own spirit regarding today on yesterday, sending memes to friends and family like “I already don't want to go to work tomorrow" etc.... we chuckled and went back and forth about how it was not just Mondays but any day at most times. At the conclusion of the laughs I posed the question “If you were not going to work tomorrow, what would you do? What would your Monday look like?" Many replied like, clean my house, finish some laundry, get my hair done, go to the movies, take a trip to the beach, go to this conference, sleep and so forth. It was interesting to see some of the responses and

Keep Building!!

Happy Monday!!! How many of you woke up this morning feeling like a BOSS?!!! If not, why didn't you? What got in the way of you waking up, ready to conquer this week? I mean the fact that you were able to wake up without assistance should be more than enough to have the right attitude correct? I know I know sometimes even though we are grateful to see the light of day, the things that happen after the wake-up can sometimes shift our gratitude into an AT-TI-TUDE. My hope is that you will read this and get that good energy back that will prompt you to move like the BOSS you are the remainder of this week. On so many occasions last week, I set out to share and post a new blog but every time I

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