Encouragement ....

Greetings luvs and Happy Monday!! I pray that each of you had a wonderful weekend!! A few housekeeping things, have you ever read my blog from my website? If you haven't you should!! Let's play a game called have you ever? A spin off to Never Have I ever.... The rules to this game are simple. I'll say Have you ever....... and you will simply answer yes or no.... if you answer YES to any of the below, then this short share is for you!! Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever cheated on a test or significant other? Have you ever failed? Have you ever lost something that you thought you would never recover? Have you ever cut someone off for doing the exact same t

What you consume, consumes you!

Greetings Luvs!! Spring is here!!! I have to start by apologizing for going MIA the past 2 weeks, as they say in the old church please charge my head and not my heart because I truly have been thinking about each and every one of you, no lie! In all honesty, I have been consumed. Consumed with work ,Consumed with my new home , consumed with family, love, business, thoughts, events, church, just consumed with LIFE and all the things that come with it daily. Every time I would begin to write a weekly share ....something would stop me in my tracks or I would get interrupted by life. Unlike times before when I could hit the reserve tank and share a journal entry from that week or some revelati

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