Hey Girl Hey .... This one is for the ladies!

Hey girl Hey!! It was only right that I dedicate the last Wednesday in March to my ladies to close out Women's History Month! So, to all my ladies with style and grace I personally salute YOU!!! You are amazing PERIODT! In my eyes, each and every one of you reading this are a part of Women's History in some way, shape or form. For the experiences, the survival, the daily roles you play at home and at work and school you are truly History. We are living in a world where Women truly do rule the world. Rather knocking down the walls and doors in corporate America or standing on the Hill advocating for the rights of children, human rights and continued freedom. Finally, we are not only present

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations!!!! Happy Monday Peeps!! I pray that each of you are having a great start to the work week. For some, I can only assume le struggle was upon you post St. Patty's Day activities and to the readers saying “St. Patty's Day??” Yes, there are some black folks including me who celebrate the day along with everyone else wearing my favorite...the color Green! For me this became like an annual tradition in college when I transferred from an HBCU to a PWI....It was almost like not acknowledging MLK day if you decided to sit it out in the world of PWI. Anyway, yesterday was fun and today I woke up a tad bit more excited than normal for a Monday. While I am always grateful for every

Just Adulting ~

Happy Thursday Good People!! If I told you that the cold I had in Dec, Jan and Feb is still lingering this 14th day of March would you believe me? I know , I have rested , I have done everything from ginger, tea, lemon, black seed oil, ACV, Theraflu, Antibiotics, Cough Syrup with codeine and even a small taste of ...Nevermind you get the point. So I ask that each of you stretch your hands towards the computer screen and say a prayer of healing in the might name of Jesus/Creator/Healer of your soul because this unattractive fatigue and runny nose is hindering my sexy! :) But before y'all start crying or sending me rest mail, my doctor assured me I am OK and this too shall pass soon. Remember

Honestly, there is only 1 YOU!

Greetings Peeps and Happy Tuesday!! It is still cold in most places around the USA and I don't like it. Weather tends to play a major part in our moods and the way we move so I am sending many positive vibes and energy to your city as I type. Real talk, I pray that you stay warm and productive! Wind chills and gyms don't go together in my world. #fixitjesus Anyhow......Have you ever found yourself in comparison mode? On your job? In your business? Or aspiring business or goals? Have you ever had an idea that you had not yet shared with anyone and the moment you prepare to share with a person , that person begins sharing their new endeavor that is literally directly related to what you hav

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